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And all the other crazy idiots who used to post. Entertainment. I'm writing my fourth post, a) because no one will read it anyway, and b) because the rubbish that is posted is boring, and c) because AI really needs some posting turnover. Think of it as a bit of nitro-glycerine into the AI carburettors. You know, the ones that were fitted onto the AI engine. Yes the ones they bought from Ebay occasion.Come on we need a 300 page posting (150 from Alan) about how to register a car in France, another 500 page posting about what constitutes a trailer needing a Carte Gris, a 3.5 million page posting about the merits of allowing half a million Syrian not terrorists (sorry, refugees, not economic migrants) into the EU, some angry lady postings about donating your spare mobile phones for African Calais refugees, so they can phone their family at home.We need another posting about insuring english cars. Dire warnings about using a UK driving license.Above all, we need some serious medical postings. Names and addresses of these doctors/dentists/vets, so that everyone can rain their 88mm artillery shells back PLEASE REMEMBER IN FRANCE IT IS PUNISHABLE BY STONING SQUAD TO EVEN MENTION THE WORD JEHOVAH (who is allegedly the name of a Doctor in aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh.

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I drive an English car and have done for 15 years, what's wrong with that? It's on a SORN!!!!


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