where has the movie/film listing gone from this website it was very useful

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The VO movies was stopped as there was very little demand for it, and was barely used. It took a considerable amount of man hours to enter the times manually. If there is sufficient demand, the editorial team may consider bringing it back though, you can email them at midipyreneessouth@angloinfo.com.

Jackierob-600290 1503151227

I used the movie listing every week also, very useful.  Now it is yet another reason not to use this site.  I tried clicking on the link above, and told the page cannot be found.  Hopeless!!

Albert-Prince-854554 1503153129

Jackie - I agree!  I emailed them, rather than tried the link, and got a mildly positive reply!

I strongly urge you to do the same - and anyone else that feels they should restore the VO movies listing.

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