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Hi all Just to let you know that there are a load of movies (30 different movies and I lost count with the number of showings....) in English across the region this week. It's the Telerama Film Festival so there are some films from last year that you can catch if you missed them.  They are all here: http://midipyreneessouth.angloinfo.com/whatson/movies Now, where's the popcorn, noisy, wrapped sweeties and slurpy drinks? Giles

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This might be of interest: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35320436

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Hi, I know it's an ongoing subject but does anyone know a good English speaking engineer in the 32 area around Vicfezensac/ Condom area that can sort out the television signal for English to programes, thanks in advance 

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WE HAVE A POWER AMPLIFIERS USED BY OUR BAND & A STUDIO MIXERS BOTH WITH A PROBLEM ON ONE CHANNEL, has anybody any contacSt or may be able to help with a  repair ??   Geoff & Gaby    0613691767  Musicgers@aol.com

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We're moving close to Argeles (Dept. 65) sometime before the end of April this year and I'm hoping someone can help me with info about local live music venues (within, say, an hour's drive). Also it would be great to hear from any established or setting-up bands looking for musos.  I've been playing guitar and bass for various blues, swing and wedding bands in the Charente for the past 10 years or so. At 66 I may be no spring-chicken but I reckon there's still plenty of life in my fingers and voice-box! All suggestions gratefully received!

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Thanks Eric you are right , this is the place for this posting. It's a serious concern. Can anyone help me? I am a guitarist ( oh no your not I hear you say) who has suffered ear damage ( too big a love of marshall amps at high volume) and has been told to use hearing protection  or risk serious injury.. I have bought Alpine pro plus but would like to know if anyone else is in the same boat and  can suggest other types of protection.  Fenderjb

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Drivin south https://myspace.com/groupedrivinsouth/music/songs dinner by reservation 0647277085   10 euro  bargain!!!!!!!!

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Hi, A friend of mine has found a house to buy in the Mont Clar area and wonders if she would get UK television reception (Freeview) in this area.  Does anyone know if it's possible and what size satellite is needed to pick up a signal?  We're based in the north of the Gers and get reasonably good reception with an 110 cm dish.  Any information greatly appreciated.

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A possible warning! I recently subscibed to a VPN, primarily in order to access programmes on the BBC iPlayer via the internet. However when I tried to connect to the iPlayer a notice appeared telling me that as I was using a VPN it is now no longer possible to access the BBC. Channel 4 seems OK still, as does Netflix, but I wonder how long it will be before other broadcasters start denying access via VPN's. Has anyone else encountered this or found a way round it?

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I want to see the new Bond film but it seems everywhere around here (dept 65) is showing a dubbed version! please help!

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Hi, Is any one out there good with setting up a VPN dd-wrt router so I can access on demand from my sky+ box by wifi or cable. I've cascaded the routers correctly (I think) and the secondary router is transmitting a new wireless network fine but will not connnect to the internet nor can I access the secondary router (dd-wrt) on I've spent ages researching on the internet but don't want to start changing too many settings on the dd-wrt router as I' don't feel capable enough with networks. I live in between Lannemezan and Bagneres de Bigorre and more than willing to pay knowledgable dude for a swift solution. Please help as it's driving me nuts! I can be contacted on 0963428103 or 0623834999.

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Our next open mic night will be held at L'Escapade Brasserie, in Villecomtal on Friday 20th November from 8 p.m. A night of music and tapas... If you can sing, play an instrument or just enjoy listening to live music we would love you to join us.

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The 100th broadcast of The Expat Show on Radio Coteaux (97.7 and 104.5 FM in the Gers and www.radiocoteaux.com) on Sunday, 29th November from 16.00 to 19.00 celebrates with your requests, our favourite music Rock, Blues, Folk&Country and some of the best of the Livelounge moments. If you would like to join the party in the studio please tell us as soon as you can by e-mail livemusicfrance@gmail.com- numbers must be limited, as it's not a big studio ! All the best Steve,Suzy and Jeff   Ps  Most of the previous shows are available via www.mixcloud.com  search Expat Show

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Would any one know if this is poss in France; may be Caccasonne, many thanks

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Alive & kicking, the Dolly Blues Band are back again rocking the foundations of the Bar de Bastion in Lectoure on Saturday night. Theres good restaurant food being served from 7pm onwards, then the band wakes up around 9:30pm. Its our last gig at that venue this year, so come and dance the night away!!

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I can thoroughly recommend Peter Oz, he is a professional magician based in Tarbes, he performs in both french and english. He specialises in close-up magic which defies logic, and we were entertained by him at a dinner dance a short while ago. I have no connection to him, so this is just  an idea if you are looking for something different for a party. His website is http://www.monmagicien.fr  or tel.no.05 67 45 44 04  or 06 86 20 52 71

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I want to let people living in your region and beyond about an opportunity to get involved (for free!) in an arts outreach programme being piloted in France. Arts Alliance are the leading distributor of Event Cinema worldwide – working with the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera House, Exhibition on Screen (including The National Gallery, MoMA, the Royal Academy and Tate Modern), the Royal Opera House, Globe on Screen, Faberge and all kinds of other really interesting arts related content. We are developing an Ambassador programme, to spread the word that people can see global standard arts content that might be inaccessible to them for reasons of geography, cost or lack of availability (or simply never believing opera, visual arts, or ballet, to be for them) - all in their local cinema………including across your region.  Becoming an Ambassador for Arts Alliance could be of interest as a learning, community development, professional or personal networking opportunity – and indeed, as a way of accessing free tickets to screenings and exclusive content from the productions, chance to enter competitions, win trips to London, etc. Of course, there is no cost attached – rather, it’d be a super way of getting involved in some global quality arts content just round the corner from home. Anyone that loves art, opera, or ballet and would like to get free tickets to our screenings, access to behind the scenes content, the chance to meet other like-minded people in France and beyond, please be in touch for more information - kate.timperley@artsalliance.com or +44 7585005428

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Calling all people who can play, sing or just enjoy watching others do it. We will be holding our third open mic evening at La Penac bar, centre ville, Marciac on Friday 9th October from 8 p.m. Not to be missed!

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We watch English TV via our laptop and internet. Generally BBC and ITV programmes are OK but SKY is hopeless with buffering problems. Anyone any ideas why this is so and if there is anything we can do about the buffering. We do like to watch sport programmes hence why we subscribe to SKY

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Eiddie Izzard's 'Force Majeure' tour arrives in Toulouse on 10th October (subject to force majeure). Further info at:  La Comédie de Toulouse  (tickets about €27) It's all in French, albeit at a level that no doubt most AngloInfo readers have reached, or surpassed. Watch the video at that link to get an idea of what you'd be in for. No doubt some will say he's as British as Marmite - love him or loathe him... ;-)

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