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I know it's not really the time of the year to be sitting inside watching TV, but I have just seen that Film Four, which is currently a subscription channel is going to change to free-to-air in July. For more information you can visit their website: http://www.channel4.com/film/ffchannel/features/C/changes_at_filmfour.html

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Will a UK TV work in France?

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Hi There, We have a satalite dish and have tried installing itbut to no luck! Can anyone install the dish on the roof for me for no more than 75-100euros or put me in touch with someone than can? Regards and desperatley missing eastenders!  Kevin, Cahors

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I have a problem tuning the pre-set buttons on my gnome because 0102 which is a radion channel is stored as 102 which is a TV channel.  Does anyone know when this problem is going to be fixed by Sky ?

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Over the past few days I have had very poor reception of the BBC channels on Sky. The picture is breaking up and freezing and sometimes I get a message "there is a technical fault with the is channel".  I have checked the signal strength and quality and they are both fine and the picture on other channels is fine.  Is anyone else experiencing the same problems ?

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I think the idea is great but I am a bit apprehensive in investing without knowing if they work well and is the quality as good ?  Has anyone got one installed ?

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I want to buy a new digital camera as the one I have now has given up the ghost.  Any recommendations ?

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Can anybody recommend a musician to play at a summer party ?

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Has anyone seen The Da Vinci Code yet ?

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Episodes 4,5 and 6 - free to anyone who wants them.  US format VHS tape. Email

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Thinking of going to see the film tonight - any reviews ?

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The BIBNT will celebrate in style ! For more information: http://www.bibnt.com/

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I see that the weather forecast is dreadful for today - how reliable are Meto France?

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I need to find a cookery course, residential preferably for a friend - any suggestions?

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Hello, I'm looking for a job in the Midi Pyrénnée and I must speak english better than i do now. So I seek people who want to speak english with me. Thank you.

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I just found out about a radio station for expats living in France.  You can listen on line via their website: www.expatsradio.com

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My parents in law are visitng this weekend - what is on in and around Toulouse?

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Did anyone see the Miss France programme on TF1 Saturday? Miss Albigeois Midi Toulousain was my personal favourite. http://www.tf1.fr/missfrance/lesmiss/albigeois/ I'm not sure who won - didn't watch the whole thing. G2.Dogs

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I've heard that there is a restaurant that has live country music in Montauban. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks

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What a great site. We are looking to move to the area next year and will be coming down for an exploratory visit soon. Can anyone tell me what the regional specialities are and where we might be able to find them? Thanks. fi

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