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On Friday from 10..00 am to 12.30  at the morning market in Saint-Bertrand de Comminges 31510 On Saturday from  12.00 to 15.00 pm in front of The Taragon Restaurant in Castelnau Magnoac as part of the Beatles Day Celebration in the town So far weather is looking great for these outside free events    More info from livemusicfrance@gmail.com     

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The EXpat Show on Radio Coteaux ,playing rock,folk and blues ,has been running a competition for several months to find the worlds favourite proverb    We now have the nine finalists ,chosen by studio guest musiciens ,  but originally  submitted by listeners .   Please help us and vote for your favourite five .   Send us an email and your vote will be entered into the results on the show , sunday 28th September    Five entrys will win a free CD  ' The Live Lounge for Unicef'  with the best tracks from musiciens from America,New Zealand,Belgium,France,Holland and the UK who have played live in the studio this year Find the full list on our facebook page from Thursday 11th september  at http://www.facebook.com/theexpatshow or via the website www.radiocoteaux.com    Send your replies to www.livemusicfrance@gmail.co Thanks Jeff                   

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Its the Betracq beer festival on Saturday September 27th. Live music with Blues Cafe. London Pride, Old Speckled Hen and Bishops Finger. See website www.Betracq.com for full details

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Playing a mix of bluesy,rocky,country with a celtic kick and a guest sax player   Come along to The Domaine des Lacs Gascogne holiday village from around 8.00pm  Free admission but food and drink in plentifull supply but not free !   Playing outside and praying for good weather Jeff        06 85 46 40 39

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A gospel group from New Orleans I saw a few years ago at Jazz a Juan is playing tomorrow (Friday) 15 August at the eglise in Marciac. Craig Adams is the great nephew of Fats Domino and has a great voice but his accompanying singers are also incredible. I hate comparing singers to other singers but Dale Blade has a rich and soulful voice like Sam Cooke.  I highly recommend getting out and seeing them tomorrow. 11:00 at the eglise in Marciac. Free entry!

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Just a heads-up that there's an airshow going on in Clarac near St Gaudens this weekend. The proceeds go to benefit those living with disabilities. Entry on Saturday is free I think. Sunday is 5 euros. They'll have rides in helicopters and planes and whatnot so it'll be fun for your speed freaks!  

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Another good night ahead full of classic rock, Stones, Pretenders, Dire STraits, Amy Winehouse covers. Its free and starts around 8:30-ish. Great beer & malts, and yummy savoury crepes.

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An evening with Blues Café at the holiday village on the lake at La Domaine Lacs de Gascogne Playing outside on the main terrace    Free entry with food and bar      Seissan is between Auch and Masseube        Follow signs from the village centre Country Rock    Blues     Celtic folk rock from around 20.30         Jeff         9685 46 40 39  

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The village of Moncassin will be starting a monthly market the last saturday of each month, from 1400 to 1900We will be needing food vendors, crafters, and everything else.If you are interested will need to get you on the list as soon as possibleThank you

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Does anyone know of anything good going on next Monday? Are any bars with a band / music celebrating 'fete nationale? Anywhere 30k from Aurignac? Thanks!

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Can anyone recommend a Dixieland Jazz trio or quartet who could provide entertainment for a garden party on either Sun 31 Aug or Sun 7 Sept near 65220 Trie-sur-Baise at reasonable cost?

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drummer-some vocals seeks group/band. blues/rock/pop.marciac area.

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Can anyone offer serious advise to a solo American/english country music artist,wishing to become known on the french scene? best area to start? Names of french booking agents,radio stations,record producers,festival organizers ect;-any info greatly appreciated!

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Just a reminder that the Larroque Festival is taking place this weekend. It's free and there is loads going on (live music, food, bar. children's entertainment etc) - Saturday 14.00-00.00 Sunday 14.00-22.00. You can find out more by visiting the Larroque Festival page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larroquefestival    

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Just had a phone call telling me the Jeff Beck Concert has been cancelled - shame. http://www.infoconcert.com/ticket/concert-jeff-beck-marciac/780162.html seems to confirm it. We were able to get a refund on our tickets - the official web site has not been updated yet.  

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The Gersabelles will be singing in Eauze Cathederal this Sunday, 29th June, at 5pm. We are an international group of ladies who love to sing for fun,directed by Sue Treeby (formerly Sue Kibbey), a world-renowned Jazz singer. Our repertoire includes traditional and jazz, for example Pavane, Hallelujah, The Rhythm of LIfe, Paper Moon.....  Admission is free, everyone very welcome.  Hope to see you there!  

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The Dolly Blues Band will be playing at the Cafe de Sports, Lectoure, this Saturday 21st Fete de Musique from 9pm till late, ....if you missed the last soiree at the Bar de Bastion, pity, because it was really good,but all is not lost, so , for a good night of Stones, Doobies, Pretenders, Dire Straits, Ami Winehouse, Doors, Wild Cherry and more, come and dance your shoes away!! There's another band, Stray Cats tribute at 8pm so its going to be a fun night! Assuming good weather the bands will be on the street terrace outside the cafe. Hope you can make it!

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Reading on an 'all France' forum about the loss of TV reception since the beam realignment recently wonder what the situation is in a part of our area. Our house is to the east and midway between a line from L'Isle en Dodon and Boulogne SG. We have a 130cm dish. Is there still reception or do we need to bring a few DVDs when we come over on the 15th.

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The Dolly Blues Band will be playing at the Bar du Bastion (opposite the Post Office in Lectoure) this Friday 6th at 9pm till 11pm, ....for a good night of Stones, Doobies, Dire Straits, Ami Winehouse, Doors, Wild Cherry and more, come and dance your shoes away!!!

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I'm living near St. Girons and wonder if there are any places to dance or take dance classes in Tango, Salsa or West Coast Swing?  Thank you.

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