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Just wondering if anyone has travelled recently from UK to France as a family with a partially vaccinated young adult (21)? Were you allowed in or turned away? What was your experience?

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Good evening. Im wondering if anybody can help. We are thinking of making the move at the end of February 2020 to near the area of Cuelas.  Our children speak absolutely no French. We are looking for a school for each of them to attend. I understand that it is by age that they go to school and not by month and year born as it is in the UK.   I believe there may be a chance that the 11 year old (in April) may be able to stay on / or be kept behind in the primary school. Does anybody know which is the closest/ best suited primary school near Cuelas. I have read that there is a school in Castelnau Magnoac but im strugling to locate a high school for my 13 year old. Is anybody able to help? Thank you in advance. 

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Hi AllNew to this forum so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section!I'm moving out to Mirande in April with my daughters and would love to meet any other mothers with young children in the area (any nationality!) Also it's be brilliant to find any local French and English teachers who might be able to give some extra lessons to my girls (CEP1) out of school times. Or any top tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance 

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Hello. I'm just reaching out to see if there are any others in the region that don't send their children to maternelle and keep them at home in the early years? It seems to be the way in France to send kids to school at three or earlier and the pressures to do this are high. If anyone has had any experience of bucking the trend and doing it the traditional way I would be very interested to hear.Cheers

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Hi AllNew to this forum so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section/posted100 times/done anything else annoying!I'm moving out to Mirande in April with my daughters and would love to meet any other mothers with young children in the area (any nationality!) Also it's be brilliant to find any local French and English teachers who might be able to give some extra lessons to my girls (CEP1) out of school times. Or any top tips to help my girls (and me) integrate would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance 

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Hello - my husband and I are considering moving from Paris close to Saint-Gaudens.  We have two daughters ages 13 and 16.  They are currently in french bilingual school but most of their close friends are English-speaking.  As if the shock of moving to "the country" isn't enough....we don't know anyone there !  Are there any groups/resources for meeting other English-speaking families with kids in the same age range ?Thanks in advance !

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Hello! I am looking for an English speaking babysitter for my children: Alexandre, 10 years old and Leyla, 8 years old. They both are bilingual French/English.We live in Blagnac center. If you are interested, or you know someone ....please, don't hesitate to contact us at: 0638952356, my name is Maya. Best Regards, Happy New School Year!

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Looking for Jane Glover who went to Stoke Park Grammar School for Girls in Coventry between 1968 and 1975If anyone knows of Jane could they ask her to make contact with Suzi Johnsonvia my Facebook Page. We have a class reunion in October of this year to mark our milestone birthdays and Jane is the last one of our class that we can’t contact. She lived in Knoll drive, Styvechale, and we think she had an older brother called Christopher Glover. She also had friends who weren’t in our class called: Melanie Haime, Margaret Janaway, Anne Marie ? And Cheryl? Please share far and wide and we’d love her to be there. We have reason to believe she may have moved to France.

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Can anyone help? We have two girls 8 and 9 and are thinking of relocating from UK to Gers. Does anyone have any experience of the Clos Fleurie ecole privee in L'Isle Jourdain??

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My 5 year old daughter needs to travel to England for a weekend with an adult who is not her legal guardian (a very close family friend). Everyone involved is British but living in France. Does anyone know what official permissions I need to give or how to do it? I know that if he doesn't have the correct letters/paperwork, it will be classed as child abduction!

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Hi All after reading another thread from a few years ago i am a little reluctant to ask similar questions that this person posted, the post received some very negative unnecessary comments. Anyway i will give it a bash in the hope that i receive assistance with my questions. We are moving to France from South Africa in 2018. We have looked at a number of arrears in the South of France, Limousin, Aquitain etc. The catch really for us is we are bringing our two English/ Afrikaans grandchildren with us. They are 2 and 4 years of age. My South African husband speaks French so that's a huge bonus. I will be doing several french language courses over the next 12 months. So hopefully will be able to communicate with our locals. My question is where is the best rural areas to settle? where do we get the best value for money, we want to start a small B&B/ restaurant Bar in the country with accommodation for us etc. I will be working from home and travelling whilst still being employed by an offshore company. However my hubby who loves to cook and has previous hotel, restaurant experience will run the business. We don't have a big budget due to the South African rand being so weak. But we are hard working and my hubby can decorate, tile, paint all of the basics. The biggest concern for us is our two little parcels. So anyone providing tips or advice should be doing so with my two grandchildren in mind who will need to be integrated into local French schools. So any areas would need to foremost cater for children. Any help or contacts would be greatly appreciated                

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Hello All!I know there is a Montessori school offering English classes but I am looking for more options...I am French but I have been leaving abroad for the last 17 years, my children (3 and 6 years old) are attending English-speaking school now in the UAE and are perfectly fluent. We are planning to move to Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Biarritz in few months. I see that more as another expatriation than actually coming back home. I would like my children to attend and English-speaking school or at least extra-curricular activities in English. We might move back somewhere else in few years and we have to make sure that they don't loose their English....Any lead will be appreciated! Thank you very much! Anne-Lise

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Hi - I my son is 10 years old and into MX and was wondering if there are any other parents out there who's kids are into the same thing?

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Hi allFirst time on Angloinfo discussion Topics, so hoping that I haven't missed an existing discussion thread.I have a kid in 3eme this year, so its Brevet year;  Having a reasonably good idea of what the mark for the first trimestre are going to be, I am wondering how these are going to be put into the calculation for the final Brevet mark?   I am told course work and exams are added into the equation to get the final mark, but hopefully somebody could please explain it all to me.  Thanks

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Hello everyone.  I have a French friend who lives in Albi and she is looking for someone to speak English with.  She speaks very good English and wants to be able to talk English on a regular basis with a real person so that she can keep improving.  So, does anyone know of any advanced Engish conversation classes or is there anyone in the Albi area that can help her?  Thanks.

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Hi I have noticed a few adverts on the net looking for an english speaking child minder. Many are with french agencies, who will want the relevant french qualifications, so pointless even making contact. Are there any fellow AI members looking for an english child minder in 65 region? I have not looked into this indepth, just seeing if there is any interest. Thanks

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I work for a really lovely company in Toulouse who organises bilingual baby sitting services to encourage bilingualism in young children. We are hiring new baby sitters, specifically those whose native language is Spanish, English and Mandarin. Having a car would be an advantage but is not necessary. If you are interested please contact us at contact@bilingual-kids.fr or check out our website at www.bilingual-kids.fr 

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does anyone know if there is a area/town  around Lisle jourdain that is popular with the anglo community ? im thinking of relocating from the dordogne , and bringing my building business there . any thoughts ?  

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My son is probably going to toulouse fac and  he won't have a room at the university campus itselfI don't know Toulouse at all we'll need to find a studio to rent, any no-go areas that we should avoid?

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Hi everyone, My name is Emma and I am 21. I have just finished my Law degree at the University of Toulouse and I am looking to improve my English over this summer before I go to Sweden to do a Masters. So basically I am wondering if you or anyone you know around Toulouse is looking for full-time childcare for July?I have lots of experience with kids, last year I looked after 3 young girls for 2 weeks in their holiday home and this year I have been doing a couple of hours after school for 2 children in Toulouse.I am fun, love sport and would take great care of anyone that I look after.Please get in contact if you know of anyone (English speakers would be better) that needs someone for July 2016.ThanksEmma

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