Moving to Cuelas 2 children age 11 and 13

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Good evening. Im wondering if anybody can help. We are thinking of making the move at the end of February 2020 to near the area of Cuelas.  Our children speak absolutely no French. We are looking for a school for each of them to attend. I understand that it is by age that they go to school and not by month and year born as it is in the UK.   I believe there may be a chance that the 11 year old (in April) may be able to stay on / or be kept behind in the primary school. Does anybody know which is the closest/ best suited primary school near Cuelas. I have read that there is a school in Castelnau Magnoac but im strugling to locate a high school for my 13 year old. Is anybody able to help? Thank you in advance. 

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Good  to see you have well researched your move to France . Notre Dame de Garaison at Lassales will take anyone ; it's standards are pretty low;  but there are many English speakers.

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