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What are the rules in France regarding the advertising of a product at a price in the Publi that comes to the house weekly, and the selling price for the same article in the shop detailed by the Publi? Our local Publi for Bricomarche has a product advertised at 75 Euros. In the shop, they are trying to tell me it is a different product - it isn't - and trying to separate me from 105 Euros. They refuse to acknowledge any issue and I wonder how far one can push them? Or is there something one can threaten them with? 

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Bricomarché is a franchise , some of the adherents subscrbe to the company offers , and some do not : in any case it is down to the individual owner : franchisee firstly to take part in the promotion and secondly to honour it ; On the other hand companies like Bricodepot have a company wide policy , no franchises , so you are much safer there.

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