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Hi     We are moving to France before 31st December.  Our house purchase is underway as is the sale of our UK home.  We are going to convert a barn into gites which will provide our income.  We understand that to prove residency we will also need medical insurance but have also seen that we can apply for French cover if we have a business which we will have once we have converted the barn.  Do we need full medical insurance for the first few months or is travel insurance enough please or do we need insurance at all if we are starting a business?  What do we need to do to start a business and get the state health cover please?  If we have to get private medical cover which companies are best please based on cost?  Any advice would be very much appreciated.  Many thanks

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Hi Elvina

I felt very sad that no one has answered you and so here i am, first i am not sure i can answer any of the questions  but i have lived close to Saint Gaudens for 8 years and second, Angloinfo used to be a really great site and lots of us expats used it.

Unfortunatly they changed the way they did things and now nobody really uses it any more, i just happen to see it pop up in a search i was doing and here you are asking for help a month ago? are you still moving here and if you would like to chat about the area i would be happy to help in any way i can.


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Hi Elvina,

I too came across this randomly, and it looks like the forum is a bit quiet here.  You have made the leap!  It will be a great help to you in the future I think, that you become resident before the end of the year.  I would say that you will need to prove you have full health cover from the start.  Apart from it being a requirement of residence, for your own peace of mind it would be important.  The ehic card covers emergency treatment, but then they would expect you to go back to the country that issued the card, for longer term care or medication.

This site is your friend in terms of health cover from France itself, the holy grail, is the carte vitale which covers around 70% of health costs, and you then take a mutuale insurance as a top up, to cover most of the rest.  To go to the doctor, you pay 25euro up front to the doctor for the appointment, but you get most of that back directly into your bank account if you use the card/mutuale combo.

I'm not an expert and it took us some time to understand and aquire the carte vitale, so I would suggest an internet search for that and a bit of research on french sites too.,seuils%20du%20r%C3%A9gime%20micro%2Dentreprise.

This is a link to information about starting a business. The micro bic is a bit like self employed in the UK. Of course it's in french and that is a pre-requisite to really understand and integrate into the business system.  You will pick up some info from forums or british magazines, but in the end, I have found that the only truly reliable source is France itself, from 'the horse's mouth' so to speak.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the french system generally, and the constant requirement for paperwork, but I would recommend visiting your local Mairie sooner rather than later.  I have found them welcoming and a source of local information.  Before leaving the UK I would make up a basic folder of important docs, originals and copies of birth, marriage certs etc.

Know what your tax liabilities are and fulfill them, as in France they wont chase you like hmrc does, they presume you will fulfill what is required of you, and if you don't they will at some time eventually notice and ask for historic records, because everything seems to be connected in France.  

Also change your UK driving licence to a french one asap to avoid any post brexit difficulties.

Welcome to a country that has made me more welcome and in which I feel less of a stranger than I ever did in the UK. 

All the very best, Janice

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Hi Sharon    Thanks so much for the message and yes we are still moving to Saint Gaudens.  I would love to chat.  For some reason the link to your details isnt working so could you please message me and we can swap email addresses?  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Many thanks  Elvina

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Hi Elvina

It seems that personal messaging no longer works on this platform ; I sent a message soon after your initial posting . I can probably help.

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Hi    Could anyone who is in the Saint Gaudens area please email me on    Thanks

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