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We live on the Gers/Haute Garonne border, near Samatan/Lombez/Rieumes/Le Fousseret/Cazeres/L'Isle en Dodon.We have found a prospective tenant for our apartment ourselves, but now wish to use an agent to tie up the legalities around the rental agreement.Can anyone recommend a sympa agent specialising in this work? I speak pretty good French and the tenant is French,; we are more concerned with getting a watertight legal document.Please let us know of any helpful contacts!Thanks.

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You can find a standard bail de location online.

Once signed by both parties it is a legally binding document in itself.

If it's unfurnished, you'll know that it has to be for a minimum of 3 years, automatically renewable 3 yearly thereafter unless you or your 'proches' wish to take up residency or you sell it, whereby you have to give written notice at least 6 months before the end of the tenancy agreement.

Furnished property is 1 year.

You can't evict tenants in the winter months so all French landlords require proof of permanent earnings at 3 times the amount of rent or a guarantor. Most landlords will also insist that aide logement from the CAF is paid direct to them and the balance paid by the tenants.

You will be liable for the foncieres tax and the habitation tax will be taken over by the tenants from 1st January 2013. Poubelle charges and assainissement de l'eau fall to the tenant. Poubelle charges are normally included in the rent and stated as such in the tenancy agreement.

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Thankyou Lots.
Yes, I know about the length, winter let ends and so on - I am really wanting to make sure that the guarantor end is watertight so that is why I am seeking a more legally severe route than I would normally go.
I will now do an online search for the furnished lettings paperwork!

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As well as the contrat de location you need to find and print a cautionnement. The guarantor needs to write, in hand, at the end of it the phrase which declares that he/she will pay the rent in the event of defailt without prior discussion. You will need the guarantor's bank details including account name, branch details and account number. There is a space for this on the cautionnement form.

You are entitled to take copies of bank statements, proof of earnings/revenus and avis d'impôts of the guarantor.

Good luck and good for you wanting to have it watertight!!! :)

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