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How's the great butter crisis going on round your way?Apparently, the suppliers are finding that the supermarket-set prices are too low as compared to alternatives (export).I guess that preventing inflation means preventing higher prices, even if that means certain items must consequently disappear from the notional household shopping basket...What next? Coffee? Toilet paper?

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Is there anywhere that you can get a fresh turkey (Big one to feed 16) around Albi area for Thanksgiving?

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We have some friends visiting soon. The husband is an armagnac afficionado and would like to visit a producer. Any ideas/recommendations welcome!

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does anyone know where you can find wild garlic in the gers?, thanks

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I recently had a nice chat with Donal O'Leary who is one of the chaps involved in the 'fresh meat home delivery service' known as 'Bacon By The Box'.Apparently, the deadline for their next delivery is April 2nd.I made a few helpful suggestions concerning his website: http://baconbythebox.com To my point that the website was a bit light on detail concerning the people running the operation, its history, etc. he said: "Been in operation in Normandy and Brittany for four years and expanding across France. John Marsden is the owner and covers the north, Kevin Monaghan covers central France, and I, Donal O´Leary cover the southern regions. I am a traditional family butcher, and I also have an Irish shop in San Sebastían called Little Ireland. We  have vast experience in the meat business and provide only top Quality and Service. Our business relies on" word of mouth" and our good reputation is growing. I am happy to help."When I suggested that this information should be on the site, along with other information, such as might facilitate redress in the event of problems, he said:"I accept your points, and I will pass them on. To answer your question the website probably does not address those issues.However, I might add that we offer a professional personal service. The buck stops with me as far as all my clients are concerned. We offer fresh supplies c.o.d. , and we only deliver to homes where we can guarantee the produce goes from fridge to fridge. No location distribution. We are most responsible about our clients."

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We are seriously considering a couples position in this region of Gascony.    Presently here in Spain our weekly shop costs around €120 for our groceries, household products etc.  and we eat and live exceptionally well on this.  A menu of the day, three courses with wine and coffee, between €9 and €12 per person.   We would like an indication of prices were we to take the plunge to move this beautiful region.   Many thanks for any info.

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Hello, I have a big family event next year in UK. It was suggested I buy wine here and send it over. Is this easy to do if I stay below 90 litres for personal consumption? Any info gladly received.

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I have noticed that tender beef is not really available in France ,have I missed something, you can buy. Stewing beef or casserole and if you cook it for long enough it will become tender, how ever I have tried buying steak which seems tough and not much flavour also not cheap , I tried the faux fillet whicH I understand is supposed to be similar to Sirloin , but not much flavour and a bit tough 

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I just found out that the pizza place, L'épi'zzas, in Trie-sur-Baïse is now offering free delivery if your order is at least 29 euros (that's about 3 pizzas). You can't pay with a carte bancaire - just cheques, cash and paper ticket restos. They obviously aren't going to deliver everywhere but they will deliver to these places:Lalanne trie Trie sur baïse Lapeyre SadourninGuiserix CuelasDuffortSainte aurence cazauxBarcugnanMontaut Saint arailles Manas - Bastanous Mont de marast Castex bernadets débatSarraguzan Montagnan Nadau Fontrailles EstampuresMazerollesAntinBouilh-devant lubret saint luc OsmetsMailhes Luby betmont Vidou Mun Lamarque rustaing villembits Sere rustaing Bugard Lustar Bonnefont Lahitte Lannes Montastruc Libaros Sentous Tournous darre PuydarieuxCampuzan  

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I'm looking for someone who specialises in 'hog roasts' for a party in September.

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Love it or hate it, Starbucks has just opened it's first shop in Toulouse. There were apparently about 500 people waiting in line to get in when they opened yesterday.So if you're hankering for an iced mocha (it's going to be hot on Saturday), you might be waiting a while.http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2016/05/19/2347391-ouverture-starbucks-toulouse-bat-record-national-clients.html

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I just heard via the grapevine that Betty's Afternoon Teas was moving. If it is, where is it going? I looked on their FB page a few days ago but didn't find anything on there.  Thanks again in advance. 

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Hi, does anyone know where I can  buy Dubonnet from a shop (not internet) in dept 65. Thanks      

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Hi all We've been putting daily recipes up on the Angloinfo Midi-Pyrenees South Facebook page for a while now. They have proved pretty popular on the Facebook page. So, here in Discussions, I just thought I'd remind those of you who already know about these and inform those of you who haven't seen them yet, that they exist.  How about that for sentence construction on a Friday afternoon.  If you are a grammar guru ready to pick it apart - a cup of tea or coffee and a scone (maybe a crumpet...) are infinitely more satisfying! Angloinfo Midi-Pyrenees South Facebook page Nigella's "french lasanga" which is probably not what you are thinking it is..... seems particularly popular and we have one of my favourites - eggs benedict - very good for a Valentine's breakfast/brunch - just add champagne or Blanquette (Monluc or Limoux if we are being local) drop in some pomegranate seeds et voila! Anyone else got a good Valentine's menu to share? Have to say, as did a friend of mine recently - do miss going out to a good American brunch. Giles  

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For anyone out there who likes Quorn as a protein source - it's now available in France - looks like Carrefour has it: http://www.quorn.fr/ For anyone who doesn't know - it's not vegan as it has a bit of organic egg albumen as a binder. Quorn say, however, they are working on a vegan version.  Giles  

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I'm looking for almond flour. Is this something that the regular grocery stores carry here? I don't recall seeing it in the bio stores but then again I haven't specifically looked yet either.  Thanks in advance.

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I need some curd cheese for a recipe - does anyone know what equivalent I buy here in France?    

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Has anyone seen halloumi for sale anywhere near Lannemezan/Trie/Castelnau? Thanks!

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i am looking to buy a turkey around 7kg, can anyone help please? I had ordered a frozen one from a company who now say they cannot supply me. Help.

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