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I'm looking for almond flour. Is this something that the regular grocery stores carry here? I don't recall seeing it in the bio stores but then again I haven't specifically looked yet either.  Thanks in advance.

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Giles 1453739220

Hi FizzFizz

You can get Poudre d'amandes in the patisserie section of most supermarkets which is much the same thing - just not a finely ground and maybe not blanched almonds.

I would look in the bio section for farine d'amande.

Biocoop shops may well have it - there are two in Tarbes (65) and one (I think) in Lannemezan (65).

Failing which, Wikihow has this on making it at home:'amandes

bon chance!




Tinker-612171 1453750609

other places you will find almond flour:

Look in the Dried Fruits/Nuts aisle, often larger bags and better value than Patisserie section

Also try Exotic/Foods of the World sections - common ingredient in North Africa

Also, the Asiatique stores (e.g. Paris Store in Toulouse).

FizzFizz 1453799200

Thank you for your replies. I've seen powdered almonds (ground almonds) in the shops, but that includes the skin which can get bitter when baked. That's an interesting link Giles about making your own, although I must admit that peeling almonds seems like a lot of work. Interesting also, about germinating the almonds before blanching them to make them more digestible.

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I usualy get "Poudre d'amond blanche" which is without skin at some supermakets such as Lidel, Reader price, Intermarche, etc... 

Check these places if there are around your area.



Anais-200806 1453907035

Hi again, it says I'm from French riviera but I'm now in midi-Pyrenees!

FizzFizz 1453907134

Welcome Anais. Thanks for your comment. I also moved here from the Riviera!

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