Butter disappearing from supermarket shelves

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How's the great butter crisis going on round your way?Apparently, the suppliers are finding that the supermarket-set prices are too low as compared to alternatives (export).I guess that preventing inflation means preventing higher prices, even if that means certain items must consequently disappear from the notional household shopping basket...What next? Coffee? Toilet paper?

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Daniel H 1509389047

Visited Spain 2 years ago it was €1 for 250 grms. Now it's €1.50. Everything else seems fairly similarly priced so Spain seems to be staving off the inflation pretty well.

I imagine the Eurozone will increase interest rates too, within the next year or so to try and curb it in countries like here and Germany.

Ferney-France 1509447203

I've noticed bakers putting their prices up a bit for things like sandwiches and croissants

Stella65 1509456862

LeaderPrice Lannemezan was a bit low on Friday.

You've probably already seen it but here is the BBC article about the background -


Wheels-950540 1509552540

They were fighting in the shop aisles in Hong Kong in 1973 because of a rumour of toilet roll shortages.  It may have been something to do with this...https://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/carsontoiletpaper.asp

stan-618455 1510995972

I buy my butter in Netto,Tarbes. No shortage of butter and good quality

Daniel H 1511001901

How much is it, out of interest?

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