Cooking events : What diet to increase and save your energy ?

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Hello every body ! Based on chinese diet principles, there are special energizing diet workshops bringing basic knowledges on how to feed for health and balance improvement. If you are interested in some cooking new receipts, provided in small groups (friends, family), at your home, I'll give you a new look to nutrition and some ideas to make your daily food a permanent source of energy and culmifearus pleasure. My goal is to share my experience with you and let you save concentration, memory, physical and emotional balance and capacities. Children also can enjoy these original workshops and may improve their eating habits for a long term... If you are interested by these free workshops, you can contact me by email. Hope to see you soon! Karina S. 

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we would be interested


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Hello Mick , I'm pleased that you're interested, you can call me at 06 04 19 24 28 and ask for more information about the "chinese diet cooking workshops" to get at home. It would be a nice idea to organise it for 'and with) you ! 

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