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In case anyones interested we have just found an english shop at Niaudon in Prayssac, great for all the things you miss we were over the moon to find some proper bacon and sausages. They also have a vide grenier on the go in their barn and the owner told us he is going to do some curry nights and traditional sunday dinners. Their ph number is 0565 200827 or email is markandfiona@wanadoo.fr and we have just booked for the next sunday dinner date on the 15th November.

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rockstitch-609214 1257373590

Hi, There are 2 Prayssac 1 in Area 46 and 47, Which is it????

bart66-608723 1257441507

They are in the Lot 46. The other is Prayssas in 47 I believe! Do apparently good selection of Curry's and make own Naan breads and Onion Bhajis. Locate them on D172 north of Prayssac signed for Goujounac.

ollie447-609773 1257523169

Dear bart66

Perhaps you should become a "Sausage Agent". I have heard that another English shop supplies people with a freezer and enough Sausage and bacon to keep "one man and his friendsssss" going for a while. Prices and flavours are excellent.....

Teddy-610066 1260285745

Yes I heard about "being a Sausage agent" too. Big chest freezer given, free gratis, not a word we hear often and crammed with all different flavours of sausages and not expensive infact I think alot cheaper than anywhere else . I am Interested in doing it myself to get into the French system and it sounds something simple to do, if I can't persuade my friends to buy from me......well I shall just have to eat them myself!!!!!!!!!
Keep me going a while anyway

cotey-606100 1260286773

There is also an excellent English shop in Condom(Dept 32) called Churchills. It is packed with festive goodies as well as all the things we miss From the UK.

Teddy-610066 1260287458

Yes there are more and more popping up all over and there's us Brits saying we don't miss our niceties.......well I do. Does anyone know if the one in Gourdon is still open

kwango-609974 1260287657

Sorry to be a bit thick, but what is a "sausage agent?"

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