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Has anyone tried the fish and chip shop in Mielan? Any reviews or recommendations?

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martin,nicki&josh-599435 1253728178

Hi Trevor,

We went once (thinking it was a restaurant) but decided on a takeaway. But when we ordered he said it would be ready in an hour and a half- we didn't/couldn't wait, so as yet can't comment on the food. So order in advance.

Will be pleased to hear how you get on.

Regards MN&J

Riggy-598354 1253741635

If anyone with a commercial catering enterprise took an hour and a half to make fish and chips....even from complete scratch as in opening packets making fresh batter etc, I wouldn't eat it anyway as they obviously don't know what they are doing.


martin,nicki&josh-599435 1253742414

The delay was, I hasten to add, because he had a list of orders, but it still seemed excessive, he was making pizzas when we left him in the 'Italian' fashion, throwing it round the room etc. You can have a pizza from any country you like - according to the menu - the English version includes bacon and eggs!!!!!!!! What a friendly man though!

ambrelys-605388 1253810310

I think the Bistro around the corner belongs to the same people. It is one of our favourite places.

The couple who run it are a delight to know and their Chips are out of this world.

I love the Faux fillet they serve.

Nogues-609244 1253812881

Could you tell me whereabouts it is. We would love to try it if it's that good. My husbamd is French and loves fish and chips!

klever trever-607938 1254246460

So does that mean of the 11590 members on this site nobody has actually tasted the fish and chips?

martin,nicki&josh-599435 1254247190

Just think - you could be the first - we await with huge anticipation!!!!!!!

ambrelys-605388 1254248416

I have meant to, but have never gotten around to it. Perhaps phoning ahead is the answer

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