I cant believe its English Beer to your doorstep..

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As its not often you get good service I would like to share this site with you all as i placed my first order with them this weekend - received it today (Tuesday!) It is a french company but they now sell loads of UK Beers - look through carefully( in the bottle section, you can chose what country you want ) as there are some deals ! Delivery is very reasonable and & what a range ! Heres the link : http://www.saveur-biere.com/fr/3-biere-bouteille/pays-angleterre Don't forget to invite me over when you receive your first parcel !!!!!!

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nickpatrick-610178 1343825611

Good site, but a bit expensive (although I'm very out of touch as to how much bottle conditioned real ale now costs in the UK).

Have you tried some of the new generation homebrew kits that some of the UK micro breweries are selling? Don't laugh! I was SO surprised - they're excellent! Like proper Real Ale and really easy to make. Woodfordes are brilliant.

nikf68-613598 1343832974

Cheers! The Speckled Hen & Discovery are reasonably priced, some of the others are a bit pricey though. Order already done !


Alan Longland-599034 1343833221

As nickpatrick says, they are a bit expensive, but then since Tesco flog it at £1.50 a bottle - usually - even drinking it in a pub is expensive.

Good selection, and seeing both Hobgoblin and Black Sheep there, they do have a good taster!

The site has certainly been "bookmarked"!!

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