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when i was living in the dordogne there were some people raising wonderful organic pigs. Does anyone know of anyone in the Gerswho sells high quality organic pork with crackling!!!!!! would be grateful for any contacts.

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Giles 1258480221

Hello maryjane

Here's the link to the page in the AngloFILE directory listing British and Internatioal Food Suppliers in the region for you. There are some pork specialists listed.

Good luck


philippa johnson-602475 1258483073

if you have enough space why don't you buy yr own piglet and fattern it up yourself.


reeknralf-600568 1258533328

I have a couple of free-range almost-organic porkers whose days are numbered. Let me know if you'd like to share one of them. 32140 manent montané.

renwicksown-598762 1258548447

I can highly recommend bulldog bangers and burgers. great pork complete with crackling, but I don't know if they do organic pork though.

Their website is

enjoy !

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