Quorn is now in France

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For anyone out there who likes Quorn as a protein source - it's now available in France - looks like Carrefour has it: http://www.quorn.fr/ For anyone who doesn't know - it's not vegan as it has a bit of organic egg albumen as a binder. Quorn say, however, they are working on a vegan version.  Giles  

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ericd-535088 1453736295

Giles. Briefly, what is the point of eating this "protein" ?

Giles 1453739911

Hi Eric

It's a protein source for vegetarians (although I have a couple of friends in the UK who are not vegetarian who like it). I've never had it so can't comment! 

I'm sure there's a stack of online info out there which will tell you lots more - both for and against. Personally, I'm afraid I don't know more than that. 



Wheels-950540 1453742713

I tried some once in a tin of imitation minced beef.  You felt the desire to suck the flavour and then you were left with a mouth of what was like wood chips.


Bill Breedon-609263 1453753032

Lot's of us entertain vegetarians on holiday and it's quite difficult to find suitable stuff over here, so it's very useful have a local source. A lot of the Quorn brought over by Ex-pat suppliers was actually bought by French people.

Eric-519639 1453921521

People have different reasons for not eating meat, some animal lovers, some with intolerances, some for scientific reasons,... doesnt matter why one chooses to be veggie, but Quorn is a great substitute for meat in dishes that need meat eg Lasagne, SpagBol, ChilliConCarne, Curries ....if its made into a good recipe you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference once the sauces & spices have done their trick .....mince, tatties & neeps wouldn't work too well!! I think a local source would be a great introduction here, ....a veggie struggles to eat out down here - at least it opens the spectrum in the home!  ....you cant beat a good bacon sarny, but to any doubters, we once had a friend staying and we treated him to homemade meat & potato pies with mushy peas & chips (we are Northerners!!) ...he was anti-veggie, but he complimented my wife on the best "meat" & potato pie he'd ever had ....when we told him it was quorn he didnt believe us!

FizzFizz 1453977016

I'm not a vegetarian but I do try to limit my meat intake for various reasons. I also love to cook. I have found Quorn to be a pretty good meat substitute when I've had it, but I've never cooked with it.

Lima-609452 1453993608

Yum, yum!


Bill Breedon-609263 1453997419

Lima, was that meant to put people off? I can't see any problem with anyhting in that article. The stuff is pretty tasteless without something to flavour it, and some people have trouble digesting it, that's true, but eating Jerusalen artichokes almost kills me, and spinach has too much in the way of purines, as can red wine.

I could have posted a link to the production of chicken which would put the avid meat eater off.

(I don't eat Quorn myself, by the way)

Lima-609452 1454003155

Empathy; I am the same with Goanna!

Bill Breedon-609263 1454005302

Goanna the monitor lizard, or Goanna the band. I don't think that I could swallow either.

delta-615685 1454008522

I found the Quorn articles referred to by Lima most interesting (and perhaps disturbing for vegetarians) .

Mr Breedon's comments about chickens are totally irrelevant. It is very simple to buy free range red label poultry etc..

Personally we "grow" our meat as far as possible thereby knowing that the animal's/bird's life has been happy healthy and treated with respect at slaughter.

With quorn you buy a mass produced artificial product with, possibly, major health side effects.

The choice is yours.

Why is it that the "conspiracy" theorists  rush to expound government coverups for terrorist acts, raise alarm bells, about Gendarmes in Trie and generally refer to idiotic web sites to "prove" their bias but remain silent about "vegetarian rubbish food"

Bill Breedon-609263 1454009567

What specific worry do you have about Quorn then? Or mass production for that matter (unless of course you grow your own wheat and process it).

And for the record, I'm neither vegetarian, nor a Quorn eater, and like youy I'm very careful about the provenance of my meat, and the rest of my food for that matter.

Lima-609452 1454009647

I have caught, killed, cooked and eaten many things but never a band! Is that a French delicacy?

lismore-609481 1454013284

I realise lots of people join in a discussion on this forum just to be the devils advocate, but I hope that they do not do an injustice to important subjects. Quorn is often a staple part of a vegetarian diet, and all vegetarians I know, take the decision not to eat animals very seriously.  I do not feel the need to be educated on my food choices, I have done that all on my own.  Fine to have a laugh and a joke about it but make sure if you bother to read Sam Winkworths views, please make sure you read all the comments attached to his blog.

Lima-609452 1454060059

The comments are fascinating. Why not just eat mushrooms or free range chicken instead of processed, compressed sludge, held together with extract of egg and made to taste like chicken?

Bill Breedon-609263 1454063032

I make a sort of sludge from mass produced flour (there's no way to make it on an individual basis). I put some fungus in it to make it produce carbon dioxide to lighten the end product, other wise it's inedible.

By the way, there is no protein in mushrooms, so they wouldn't be ab alternative to Quorn.

There's a case for vegetarianism, and with the world's increasing population our only alternative may be to eat tofu rather than produce meat with soy based animal food.

livingthepeace 1454071761

It's all about ethics Lima.

Most vegetarians and vegans will have given up meat because they don't want the slaughter of sentient creatures on their conscience.

Nearly everything is mass produced or processed these days, and as Bill Breedon says - unless you grow your own wheat, you're still using and eating processed foodstuffs.

delta-615685 1454081057

Quorn contains egg product. The mass production of eggs require all cockerels born to be killed and all chickens who no longer produce an econmic amount of eggs are also killed.

For ethical and health reasons we keep our own "egg" chickens who free range in an orchard (chickens are jungle fowl and prefer tree cover). They live out their days happily, though sometimes cut short by Mr Fox.

With regard to my mass produced comment, I refered to "artificial" product. I note this has been forgotten/ignored by those with a prejudice against mankinds natural diet.

I presume "Livingthepeace" does not consume dairy products or fish as these involve the slaughter of sentient creatures. What does he/she think happens to the sheep that provide wool or clothing etc

livingthepeace 1454156343

delta -

"Most vegetarians and vegans will have given up meat because they don't want the slaughter of sentient creatures on their conscience."

Where in that sentence have I mentioned myself?

Sheep don't have to be slaughtered for their wool.

Quorn is now making vegan products, not many yet but if they are a success, they will look at ways of eliminating the egg from more products.

With reference to 'artificial' products, are you saying that nothing in your diet is artificial - even the tiniest ingredient?

"Mankind's natural diet" Hmm.....that's a biggy and maybe should be a topic for another day.

delta-615685 1454181336

I've only just read the latest comment from Livingthepeace as i've been out hunting all day, shot a deer - excellent healthy natural food. The comments are very selective on  subjects cherry picked from my views on food/vegetarians etc. I would be interested to read the response re "dairy produce or fish". i have not claimed that nothing in my diet is artificial, though it is kept as mimimal as possible. For example my wife makes her own bread and cakes using the best ingredients available rather than buying mass produced processed .rubbish.

Anyway supper calls, sausages (our pigs) potato and french beans (from our garden). Tomorrow venison casserole!

livingthepeace 1454183642

Yes, I know all about dairy products and fish but what I consume is none of your business.

If people want to eat Quorn which is what this thread is about, that is up to them and again none of your business.

The rest of your post about hunting, shooting a deer and eating pork sausages is just peurile.


Anne Dickens-614265 1454186989

Goodness me!

Can't people be allowed to eat what they want and make their own decisions?

I choose not to eat animals raised and killed for that purpose, or hunted and killed for that purpose - but I don't prosletyse about it.

I am aware that I could be told I'm hypocritical, because I eat dairy products and wear leather. But I don't beat myself up about that. I do stay aware and make choices.

I try not to eat too much processed stuff - but how committed I am to it depends on purse and circumstance and whim.

I don't condemn or harangue other people about what they eat. But I abhor cruetly.

Finally I don't label myself based on what I eat.

I am grateful to Giles for alerting us to the availability of a new product.

I will make a choice about whether to eat it or not.

Goodness me ...

delta-615685 1454187812

oh dear have we just thrown our toys out of our pram

Anne Dickens-614265 1454187969

Goodness me?

Far from it

Totally zen here.

Just settling down to wath The Voice!


caubeyron-588268 1454188663

Watch 'The Voice' - personally I'd like to shoot the woman who laughs like a chipmunk and really annoys me - Paloma Faith!  Just saying.

rache-611556 1454188669

Wath what you like , but why support the enormous carbon footprint created by producing ' the voice'?

Anne Dickens-614265 1454188985

He He - case study in how to change the subject.........?


Giles 1454191547

 Well, you lot have entertained my week,.....

I put up an simple info post about a product now being available in France and it turns into a furious food fight, a hunt debate, and finally a celebrity censure...... Who knew?

Enjoy your Sundays all, be you omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or any other 'facon de manger' ....






Anne Dickens-614265 1454196808

... and who is Paloma Faith?! Sorry for my ignorance, but now dying to know.

Giles 1454199408

Pop singer who is apparently currently on the Voice programme 

OkOk although I have heard of her, I had to look her up.....

Bill Breedon-609263 1454200033

Following Giles' link through Quorn to Carrefour, I got:

Aucun résultat pour "Quorn"


We may have to wait a bit longer.

Lima-609452 1454227957

Angloinfo Discussions – never boring!

I see we have now moved from Quorn to the The Voice. A friend came up with a classic the other day. “Watch the voice or dangle my wet testicles on the electric fence”? 

Anne Dickens-614265 1454239458

I started to watch tne voice to improve my french (short sentences and all that) but I confess now I actually like it and have looked forward to this series! (Never watched anything like it in the uk!)

But I have still never heard of Paloma Faith!! Think I'll have to hit google too.

Anne Dickens-614265 1454239538

PS and not having any testicles, thankfully I don't have to make that particular choice!

Bill Breedon-609263 1454243399

I'm keeping out of this.

Giles 1454259618

As I said - who  knew??  (Well,I'm chuckling merrily here anyway!)

On the original posting - yep - looks like the whole thing is a tad premature - no sign of quorn anywhere on the Carrefour site even though there is a french Quorn site saying that's where you get it - ah well.

sitll wouldn't have missed being entertained by the convoluted meandering.......


delta-615685 1454266789

Anne, thanks for giving me the boot(s)  this morning


that will confuse them!

Wheels-950540 1454280382

Ah! boots - that's what it tasted like.


Taramitzy2138 1455050227

A splendid explanation  that doesn't sound like either an excuse or a sales pitch.  

My own rationale is that I could never catch and kill a beast in order to eat its body and it seems like a cop-out to shift the guilt[?]  to someone else, even with their consent.   I do eat meat occasionally [even the Buddha never proscribed the eating of meat - did you know that?] but prefer not to if I can get adequate protein otherwise   -   and thank Quorn,  I could   -----    if we could get it here!  

Best wishes

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