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Hi all We've been putting daily recipes up on the Angloinfo Midi-Pyrenees South Facebook page for a while now. They have proved pretty popular on the Facebook page. So, here in Discussions, I just thought I'd remind those of you who already know about these and inform those of you who haven't seen them yet, that they exist.  How about that for sentence construction on a Friday afternoon.  If you are a grammar guru ready to pick it apart - a cup of tea or coffee and a scone (maybe a crumpet...) are infinitely more satisfying! Angloinfo Midi-Pyrenees South Facebook page Nigella's "french lasanga" which is probably not what you are thinking it is..... seems particularly popular and we have one of my favourites - eggs benedict - very good for a Valentine's breakfast/brunch - just add champagne or Blanquette (Monluc or Limoux if we are being local) drop in some pomegranate seeds et voila! Anyone else got a good Valentine's menu to share? Have to say, as did a friend of mine recently - do miss going out to a good American brunch. Giles  

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Aha - and today's recipe is, would you believe - crumpets!

It's here:


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Love the aubergine recipe thanks 

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