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Hello, I have a big family event next year in UK. It was suggested I buy wine here and send it over. Is this easy to do if I stay below 90 litres for personal consumption? Any info gladly received.

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Alan Longland-599034 1478622946

I am not speaking from personal experience as such, but a friend of mine did this for his wedding and saw no limit.

His approach was to take a van, drive himself, and go to the outlets where he purchased the majority of the refreshments.

He did have evidence of the wedding date and he also kept all the receipts etc.

Worth checking as it can save a small fortune!

terraposse-602286 1478703308

Thanks Alan, that is certainly a viable option. Just the problem of driving from Toulouse to the Midlands as my time is limited due to the fact I am vegetable producer. I was hoping to use a courier van or whatever they are called to take the boxes but it maybe there are import hassles. Thanks anyway.

Alan Longland-599034 1478703946

Can you find a close relative? I think to use a courier or even a friend might come into the import/export bracket causing you issues that as the main player you would not suffer.

terraposse-602286 1478704167

Yep, I think I will have to seriously look at the driving option. It's a pain but will certainly save a heap of money. Ta anyway.

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