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druce 1480082887

Hi to all,

Due to my dad's health problems we didn't drive back to the UK this year so I would like to know if there is a way to have tea delivered to Balma near Toulouse.

We usually by the big packs of tea bags Tesco Sainsbury's or other.

Is any one going back to the UK and has a little space in car for tea?

Open to any suggestions

Thank you


Dudley 1480182284

You could try these guys. never used them myself  


druce 1480254048

Thank you very much i've just been on the site and I am going to try to order!


Bill Breedon-609263 1480280771

You can buy Yorkshire tea on Amazon.fr with free delivery if you have subscribed to 'premium'.

druce 1480321498

Thank you Bill we do have premium on Amazon!

Will check!

Giles 1480327129

Do yo know you can buy Tetleys tea bags in quite a few supermarkets here?  InterMarché for example?  55 English Breakfast tea bags for 2,99€.

Also - have a look here at the page in the Directory listing English, American and International Food suppliers in the region.


Best of luck!


druce 1480411279

Yes Giles, where I live in Balma, Intermarché has stopped nearly all British goods and yes I can buy small boxes of Yorkshire tea bags but it is expensive for tea drinkers like us!!!

Checking evrything!

Thanks a lot to all readers!


Tinker-612171 1480425765

Depending on your taste, both Twinings and Clipper deliver internationally from UK but shipping charges can add up.

Amazon UK site sell Clipper Organic Everyday tea - €21,09 for 480 bags delivered...

druce 1480512660

Hi all!

Finally ordered from Amazon but keeping all the sites you all sent me!

Thank you again and enjoy your Christmas!


griffmarc 1480953301

Hi ,

I just change to decaf lately as it happens I have lots of tea bags for sale

40 Tesco finest, 150 twinings . 40 Tetley ,50 pure assam of Taylors of Harrogate

plus very fine tea leaves ,They all going at a  very reasonable  price .

I live at 70 km from you

druce 1481713478

Thank for offer We would be interested but 70kms is a bit far

Do you ever come to Toulouse?

Where are you exactly?

We Have ordered from Amazon but in case

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