To freeze or not to freeze ??

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I'm talking cheese.  I've found out that cheddar doesn't freeze well, it definitely goes more crumbly and I think the taste fades slightly.  But I've recently bought some Halloumi from an English shop over here that was frozen and it wasn't as good as it should be.  Is it the same with all cheeses ?

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Ian Cole-604427 1348223193

We freeze cheddar and Stilton, but then only use it for cooking.  You're right, it deteriorates, but for cheese sauce or pizza, it rocks!  IC

Lady Manola-609913 1348264891

Hi all, I've been freezing cheese for years and years ! Yes, some old cheeses do get crumbly, so great for cooking or crumbly cheese & onion sarnies LOL .... But to use it on bread or whatever... well, before I freeze old cheese I grate it, so, when needed it does not take long to get defrosted, abolutely great on bread as if it's never seen a freezer ! And when needed for a topping (lasagne for example) I just put the frozen grated cheese on whatever dish I'm making straight from the freezer, works a treat ! No need to defrost even   ;- )   I always freeze my cheese carefully wrapped in clingfilm, then in a plastic bag to stop de-colouring and drying out. Grated cheese however, I put in a bag, then another bag around that one for the same reasons as above. Young cheese always comes out as if I've bought in the shop the day before, but make sure to defrost naturally (never in microwave !!!) stays easy to slice thus great on your french baguette.... like I said, I've been freezing cheese for donkeys years and I've never had a problem yet. Good luck, regards, Anna


small666 1348488347

I tried it with mascapone and it was disgusting!!  However no probs with any other cheese.

Delgirl-611757 1350210297

Many Cheeses freeze very well but you have to look after it, wrap it very well and include in your wrapping, a covering of good quality foil especially in the case of Stilton. I used to buy large quantities of cheese, and froze what was not used on the day. You must use it within a fairly short period ( 3 months) but Stilton will keep much longer. Make sure you are freezing good quality cheese though, farmhouse, Canadian and poacher chedders for instance and for Stilton Colston Basset is the best anyway but coincidentally freezes for ages ( at least 6 months)

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