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i am looking to buy a turkey around 7kg, can anyone help please? I had ordered a frozen one from a company who now say they cannot supply me. Help.

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yorkie 12-530345 1447107817

Hello Misha

We have some free range turkeys that we are growing on for Xmas and do not know at this stage what the oven ready weight will be, unfortunately we are probably a long way from you as we live 10km east of Villefranche de Rouergue. Email us if you are interested

Stella65 1447149211

You should be able to order one from your local butcher - don't know where you are but we'll be ordering a goose from M. Ribour in Tournay (65) later this week.  

Failing that, the supermarkets were full of fresh and frozen turkeys last year.


Misha-10045332 1447151502

Thanks Stella, the problem is they all tend to be weenie, I am really looking for a BIg Turkey, to feed a gang. I will try the butcher tho. Thanks

Trapper 55 1447152298

Buy 2 then theres 4 legs to fight over.

Alocin-618435 1447153117

Hi Misha,

I had the same problem all our supermarkets just had tiny ones. However, if you go to the cod-en-bleu website and email them the chaps there will send you there meat list which includes turkeys for Christmas.



Misha-10045332 1447154414

Thanks Nicci I have emailed them .i couldn't find any details on their website tho. I will let you know. Thank you

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