Where to Buy Halloumi?

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Has anyone seen halloumi for sale anywhere near Lannemezan/Trie/Castelnau? Thanks!

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Giles 1448028689

Sorry FizzFizz, No - and I've looked.....and I haven't seen it in Tarbes or Lannemezan either, although Aldi in Lannemezan may be worth checking as Aldi changes their stock regularly. 

But I did find a site that sells it online - I haven't bought any yet but here's the link:


No good if you need it right now I know but maybe for next time!


old_boots 1448098680

Re the link by  ‘bretonne – Brittany’ – we have bought ‘Salakis - ’Fromage à Griller’ from the new Leclerc,  Landorthe [east of St. Gaudens] and either Super U, Gourdan Poligan or Carrefour market in Montréjeau .

Stella65 1448100976

How about having a go at making it? Never done it but I might give it a go as I've never found it either!


Lianne-607131 1448127105

Sue Atkins' stall

Anne Dickens-614265 1448142879

I'm a big Halloumi fan (and luckliy have a box full in the freezer) but have been assured by numerous friends that the Salakis 'Grilling Cheese' is a very good substitute. Apparently available in many supermarkets (near the other greek cheses).


old_boots 1448274665

Hi Anne,

Is your Halloumi made in Cyprus using only sheep and goat milk?

Halloumi was created in Cyprus and originally a mixture of sheep and goat milk only.  Cyprus is asking for the name Halloumi to be registered within the E.U.  There is a hold-up with the registration due to their modern method of adding cow’s milk.  Until that is resolved, anyone can call their product Halloumi.  Possibly Salakis are thinking ahead and calling it ‘Grilling cheese’, so they don’t have problems if and when the name becomes registered.  Theirs is made with sheep and cow’s milk

Anne Dickens-614265 1448289638

Mine is from Cyprus - but it's a finite supply and I shall be using the "Grilling Cheese" afterwards - provided it tastes nice. I'm sure you're right that the manufacturers won't want the hassle of a cheese fight!! Who would?

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