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Having had lots of visitors this year (39), painted 25 pairs of shutters & 2 weeks in the UK, we fancy a quick break in Toulouse as a "holiday". We'd like to do it before Christmas, but as time will be tight, it will probably be for only one or two nights. We will either park at the airport & catch the shuttle or catch the train from Auch. Either way, we need a hotel fairly near to the station. Is this a good area for shopping, sightseeing & obviously eating out!? We know nothing of the city so any suggestions re the above would be useful in view of our small timescale. Thank you.

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In case anyones interested we have just found an english shop at Niaudon in Prayssac, great for all the things you miss we were over the moon to find some proper bacon and sausages. They also have a vide grenier on the go in their barn and the owner told us he is going to do some curry nights and traditional sunday dinners. Their ph number is 0565 200827 or email is markandfiona@wanadoo.fr and we have just booked for the next sunday dinner date on the 15th November.

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Hi, Has anyone got a recipe for fig jelly they would share with me, have looked on the internet and there are lots of fig jam recipes not jelly. Cheers, Joanie.

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Hi AllWe are thinking of trying to eat out on Christmas Day, but having trouble finding anywhere. Does anyone know of a restaurant open on xmas day in the Gers.ThanksDee

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when i was living in the dordogne there were some people raising wonderful organic pigs. Does anyone know of anyone in the Gerswho sells high quality organic pork with crackling!!!!!! would be grateful for any contacts.

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Desperate to find online or wholesale suppliers of all indian spices and condiments for a curry club being created in the Lot et Garonne department of France.*Nearest large towns Bordeaux or Toulouse. Would love to hear from anyone who can point me in the right direction. Thank you. Lucie Walker

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don't laugh! we plan to move out early next year and both our children have been brought up veggie. I realise this will be a big issue in france, but hope not enough to deter us (am a fluent french speaker and have lived in france as a child...) i am happy for them to make a choice to eat meat when they are old enough.... just wondering if any one has any experience in midi-pyrennees of the above and any advice. My eldest is 3 and a half , so will go into maternelle, and the other is 18months many thanks!

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We have just heard that Bulldog Bacon & Bangers are now supplying their wonderful pork products at Maubourguet market on a Tuesday, Castlenau Magnoac market on a Saturday and also at Super U in Masseube. No doubt we shall be going there on a regular basis for our Pork pies, English sausages and bacon. They are certainly worth trying.

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We live near Vic Fezensac & have friends in the Landes (Geaune/Aire Sur l'Adour). We are looking for somewhere midway between us for moh's birthday early December, which offers a bit more than the €12 menu de jour - which would usually be fine, but we wanted somewhere with a reasonable menu with more of a choice for a celebration. Any ideas or suggestions? We don't know the restaurants in Riscle or Nogaro, but they would perhaps be an obvious halfway destination? Any personal recommendations welcome. Thank you. Ali

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Hi, Can anyone help? I am using up a glut of figs and rosehips to make some fig 'n' rosehip wine. Only problem is I cannot find any wine yeast anywhere. HELP!!! Joanie.

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I have just had the best fillet steak in the 3 years I have been in France. It was in the Bar Memory in Castelnau Magnoac and ok it was an extra 3€ to have the fillet, it was definitely worth it!! my mouth is watering just thinking of it!!It is good to know you can get a good steak over here. I will be going back soon.

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Hi all.Does anyone know if there are any shops that have a good selection of gluten/wheat- free products anywhere between the Tarbes/Auch area? We live near Trie sur Baise and the local supermarket doesn't seem to supply any at all.Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone tried the fish and chip shop in Mielan? Any reviews or recommendations?

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Hello all,Ok so after many months of planning I have decided to set up my own business (French Paperwork Permitting... :)So I am just doing a little market research so would appreciate any feed back and comments, Don't worry I have not forgot about the French side of the market research.Ok s I am going to be setting up my own frech pasta supply business selling at stalls and hopefully to some restaurants. I will be doing the normal shapes Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, penne etc as well as some not so common shapes. I will also be making my own stuffed pasta available with different fillings, bolognaise, cheese, vegetable and others. I will also be doing sme seasonal flavours. I will also be making a selection of my own sauces bolognaise, carbonnara, arrabiata ( spicy and not so spicy versions) and vongole (baby clams). I will also be able to take requests for fillings (within reason and qiuantity) and will also be able to take orders for large orders.I am currently looking into be able to sell at the markets ready to eat, like the pasta takeaways in the centre of Toulouse.So what I was wandering is if:1: People would be willing to buy from me2: Is there any restaurants that might be interested in me supplying them3: which markets do people see as being very busy and think that I should go and get a feel of.Many thanks for any input or feedback that you could give me.

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Hi,We currently live in Cyprus and are contemplating a move to France when we sell our house.I was wondering how the food prices compare between France and Cyprus. Can anyone direct me to a web site or supermarket web site that shows food prices. Thanks

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I thought I would pass this on, I have just been told that there will be a new stall on Castelnau Magnoac market from this Saturday selling traditional sweets. Hope they have wine gums.

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Any more people wanting to come on the 14th? There are 80 coming so far. It should be a good evening. The classified advert finishes on Sunday and I will need to stop taking bookings soon. Hope you can come. Nick

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Hi, could anyone recommend a caterer in the Boulogne sur Gesse area who could provide a mixture of tapas for approximately 60-80 people for our Inauguration Party next Saturday? Many thanksNikki

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Does anyone know where I can buy goats milk (I live in the Gers (32)? Many thanks!

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Hi Can anyone recommend an 'en vrac' wine at a vineyard around Montcuq and the surrounding area? Thank you

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