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Hi We are moving near Montcuq at the end of the month and wondered if there are any particular supermarkets or markets that have organic produce? I know its is called Biologique or Bio but on previous visits have not seen a great choice. I also wondered if there are any farms you can buy meat from directly? We currently grow our own veg in the uk but are renting intially so will try to grow a few things in pots for the time being. Thanks in advance for any help!

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HI Cream .... which cream her in France is the same as double cream in the UK ....... poring .. whipping etc.... cheers cath

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Do you know of any pleasant and not too expensive cafes/restaurants open on a Sunday in Toulouse--particularly around Place du Salin?

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Ok, on the subject of food... anyone know where I might be able to get some large Marshmellows? And is there a French name for them? Thanks Trish

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We are visiting Cauterets next week for a holiday, can anyone let me know how far away from Cauterets is the nearest decently sized supermarket. I understand there is a smallish supermarket in the resort, but I am guessing it will probably be a bit pricey!! Also, hows the snow down there, we havn't had any in Brittany!! Thank you LisaD

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