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Hi  everyone, I thought i would just pop a note up,  we have just been again for the second time  to pick apples at a apple farm near masseube  the village is called esclassan  and the apples are delilicous  there are lots of different variety mostly organic  and only 92 cents a kilo instead of 2.30 euros . The people who run it are also very nice and let you try the fabulous apple juice while your weighing the apples you have picked.As for the picking it is really easy  they also have trollies and there is lots of space so you can  park right next to the field ,very kid friendly as well we took our four and they had a great time . so if you like apples get yourselfs down there  if you need directions there number is 0562660157 they do have good sign posts take care lucy xx

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Has anyone seen the cake decorating classes at Tea in the Teapot at Castelnau Magnoac?    

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What are the items you buy in Spain more cheaply than France and which supermarket do you go to?

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Following on from the modest success of the simple but quite effective "post your snow reports", I wondered if a similar one on the subject of restaurants might be helpful and interesting. I accept that they could be far and wide as the Midi-Pyrenees is a big place, but I for one struggle to find anywhere inspiring in the Boulogne sur Gesse area. A simple update on quality, cost, and any changes (ie change of ownership or re-launch) that have recently come about should suffice???I wasn't thinking of a mini-Tripadvisor, but it might drum up some social life and reward anyone giving it a go on the restaurant front by augmenting their patronage.Anyone setting up a half-decent restaurant and wine bar in my area would get my vote.

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The secondary school that our daughter will go to next year has refused to offer a vegetarian option for her at their canteen.  An internet petition has recently been launched by MP Yves Jego, mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, to campaign for the right to a vegetarian school dinner option. The petition has already gained 130 000 signatures out of a desired 150 000. If you feel in agreement, please would you sign the petition and then share the link on your social media networks.  https://www.change.org/p/pour-une-alternative-végétarienne-obligatoire-dans-les-cantines-scolaires 

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Just wanted to recommend a restaurant where we had a great meal last weekend. Le Petit Comptoir du Lac at the lac de l'Arrêt-Darré (in 65 between Goudon and Laslades on the D21) has a small menu but everything we had was excellent. They do snacks so if you're just wanting a sandwich he can do that but he also has a menu du jour. My starter was out-of-this world...a cabecou ice cream served with tomatoes, pesto, pumpkin seeds and a smoked chantilly. Roasted chevreau and roast potatoes and veg for the main. I was too full for dessert but it looked great. It was reasonably priced, the chef uses local products, and there was a great view of the lake. In the summer he serves from 11:30-21:00 every day. Open just the weekends the rest of the year. Aside from the fantastic views of the mountains and lake, you can take a walk around the lake or go mountain biking before or after as well. And it's on a great road for road cyclists so it makes for a good stop. Tel: 05 62 37 99 64

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We haven't eaten there for a few years, - it always used to be good.  Any opinions from anyone who has been there recently would be appreciated.  Thinking of going on sunday, presume booking a good idea? Thank you.

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We were in Vic the other day & noticed a Chinese restaurant behind the bullring.  No idea how long it's been there.  Has anyone tried it? If so, what's it like? Thanks.

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We had the most delicious pintarde with a sucre salee recently. I have got 2 lovely poussins for the weekend,  & would like to do the same. Is it as easy as mixing dry sugar & salt, then rubning in, or is it more complicated?  Any advice, or  nice alternatives welcome ( don't want to do a "sunday roast though! ). Thank you.

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I bought umpteen packets of pork scratchings from the UK about a month ago, only to find that they now sell them in Leader Price* (next to the duck scratchings, in clear plastic tubs). I plonked a tub down on the table in the bar last night, and those that fancied them reportedly enjoyed them. The tub got emptied anyway. Unfortunately, I've been spoilt by the highly salted, MSGed, preservativised, irradiated UK variety, which I now conclude I prefer (sadly). These Leader Price ones were unsalted, more au naturel and so refrigerated rather than preservativised - still crunchy, tho.     * Boulogne sur Gesse

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Not sure if anyone has mentioned it before....apologies if they have, but Carrefour are currently selling packs of Wykes Vintage reserve cheese and it is GORGEOUS!  €3 for 200g but worth every penny if you like strong cheddar.

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Hi I'm located in Quillan - unfortunately the best resuaurant was the Gally which I highly recommend. I would like to take my friend out for a nice birthday lunch - Can anyone recommend anywhere?? I don't mind going out to Lumiox area +   Many Thanks

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Morning I bought some 'local' sausages off Monty at Trie market on Tuesday, and just to let you all know they were delicious, I had the Lincolnshire and black pepper ones, the texture and taste were fab. I have nothing to do with this business but thought I should share this as French sausages are not the same!!!! Please message me if you would like the name of the company. Gascony Girl

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Hi, Just found out that Cod-en-Bleu are doing a Fish and Chip night at Chez Anne, Le Verdier, 81140 this evening (Friday 20th Feb) between 18:00 and 20:30. I've been to one of their nights before and the Fish and Chips was fab. I think you can even book online. See you there Mark

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Can anyone help please? my partner is wheat/gluten intolerant and although we can buy bread and biscuits in our local  supermarket she would like to make cakes and bread herself. Does anyone know where we can buy any sort of flour - rice, maize, gram in larger than a small packet size?   Thank you.

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Hope I don't sound too desperate,  but have any of you got a nice hotel/chateau who are doing a romantic break you can recommend this weekend? I know it's a bit late, but if I can get a a few days off cooking, and a nice walk/shopping, I would love it. Anywhere in the Gers is fine. Must get away asap!

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Does anyone know where I can buy fresh citronelles for cooking  Lectoure, Fleurance area? Thanks in advance. Anais

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Hello  I am placing an order with The Brew Store   www.brewstore.com    I can get 31kg delivered here for £16   Would any one like to add to the order so we all cut our transport costs I like near Masseube so anywhere with in 50kms ??   Their Cornish Ale kit is great (if you like Cornish Ale !) Jeff         0685 46 40 39 or   livemusicfrance@gmail.com

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I would like to wave the flag for Mr Ribour, the butcher in Tournay.   We've never had anything poor and the Christmas rib of beef was oustanding!  Meat is local and if you order in advance he'll leave the skin on pork joints for crackling. Stella

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Why is sherry not sold here , Spain is only over the border. so transportation can't be the problem ?

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