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I just wanted to recommend to anyone in the area the butcher in Villecomtal-sur-Arros (in the little centre by the Petit Casino). The quality of everything I've gotten from him has been really good and I have found if I buy what he has on special I save a lot of money from what I'd pay at the grocery store. And the meat is much, much better quality (esp the chicken). His house-made saucisson sec is excellent as well. He's a super nice guy so I just wanted to give him some credit where it's due. And before anyone asks, no, he probably doesn't age his steaks "English style" (which is fine with me; I had the worst steaks of my life in England).

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Hello All Does anyone have any information and/or recommendations about a vignoble and on site or local restaurant for lunch in the Madiran region for a family outing over the Xmas period (if they're open?). Many thanks. Anne

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Hi, I am looking for Shredded Suet, Is there any suet in the shops or a French alternative/equivalent. Regards Michael

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Called in to Churchills in condom yesterday while they had a huge delivery,the shop is rammed full of goodies,i came away with my christmas cake,pudding,a gammon,loads of bacon cheese and sausages.diet in the new year for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know it's only November but I've just ordered my British Christmas turkey because after 10 years in France I find the French ones are just not the same. As I have no connection with the company, other than the fact last years's turkey was from the same place and was fantastic, please email me and I'll let you know where I ordered it from. Looking forward to a Merry Christmas to one and all,  Gascony Girl

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Hi,The Cobaye in St. André de Najac, 12270 is having a Fish and Chip night with music.  The food is provided by Cod-en-Bleu and the music is a mix of Folksie Blues (Whatever that is :-) )It is advised to pre-order online at http://www.cod-en-bleu.com/OrderOnline.aspx  See you there.Mark 

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We tried the Phnom Pich chinese restaurant in Lannemezan (59 rue Gambetta) the other day. Upon discovering it, we couldn't resist visiting it. It wasn't busy at all on our night, but presumably the very good quality we enjoyed would be maintained even if it were. The squid was melt-in-the-mouth succulent, and veggie noodles were delicious. The potage Chinois was good too. Comparable to the best UK establishments. For a starter, two main dishes with rice & noodles, dessert, and two Kiri beers each, it came to 70€ - which is a 'once a year' splash out for us, so we can't say we'll be going back soon. It was a tad bizarre not only ordering one's chinese meal in French, but finding several empty car parking spaces immediately outside the restaurant.

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Went to Roques a week or so ago and my OH noticed a small sign for 'Indian Villa'. Looked it up on the Internet and discovered it was on the Avenue des Pyrennees Muret. We went there this lunchtime and must say we were both impressed with the meal. No connection with the establishment just two English people happy to have found a decent Indian here in France.

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If you fancy a bite to eat before the cinema this Friday the restaurant next to the cinema in Cizos dept 65 " La boutique du Magnoac" will be offering an Assiette Gasconne for just 10 euros,before the showing of the English film Jimmy's Hall. If it is a sucess they will plan to do a meal before the showing of each V.O film.

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Does anyone know of a reliable professional that can provide a hog roast (or similar) for a party of 80-100 people, possibly more? Location near 65220 Trie-sur-Baise.  Dates either Sun 31 Aug or Sun 7 Sept. Nigel

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If anyone is interested they are now selling cheese for grilling in LeClecs in Auch.  It's 100% Brebis, whereas I noticed that the UK ones I have are mixed.  It's a Salakis brand and is in the same aisle as their feta type cheese. Haven't tried it yet but will let you know if it's horrid. Finally, they also had white wine Chardonnay vinegar, which I've never seen in there before.  

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tt>Got it from the horse's mouth so to speak!exciting news for usall, Genius gluten free will be launching products in France start date in Carrefour and Cora stores is the 8th of June. It will be three different kind of Muffins, Seeded Rolls, a brioche loaf and three different Genius breads, all gluten free of course At long last we will be able to eat bread again not stale sponge!and no I don't promote it for financial gain just tasted it last time I was in englandtry it you'll know what I mean

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Can any readers recommend any restaurants in the area? 

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I hear the premises is under new management and they do large variety of food (as well as pizza)and coffees. I'm told the couple who run it are Belgian and British so no language problems. Has anyone tried it yet? I went some time ago and also enjoyed the visit to the Resistance/War museum which is accessed via the bar so two reasons to visit again eh!

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Hi, Following on from the sucess of last month's Fish and Chips evening at Caussens, Cod-en-Bleu are doing it again on Tuesday 18th February between 18:00 and 21:00. The venue is the Café du Sport at Caussens. You can pre-order at http://www.cod-en-bleu.com/OrderOnline.aspx Tony has told me that pre-ordering is advised.See you there. Mark

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If you're looking for a small but perfectly formed bar/pub then Jefferson's in Lannemezan is worth checking out. It's at 107 Rue des Résistants. Map http://goo.gl/maps/r9GZn Half a dozen specialty Belgian/Irish beers on draught such as Hoegaarden, Guinness, etc. at 7 euros per half-litre. The bog standard Bavarian pression is about 4 euros. It would work well as an apres-ski bar for those almost home from a day's skiing. I even spotted a pair of skis leaning against the wall near the loos. It's not in the town centre, albeit on a main road in, so I guess it's more oriented to those who can still afford 7 euros a pint and the petrol to get there... :-/ Nice for a treat, if you're bored of the local cafe. The proprietor is friendly, and will take the opportunity try out his few words of English...

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I know it an be dangerous to recommend a restuarant but can any body recommend a place for a good but not too expensive  lunch this Sunday within a resonable driving distance of Tie sur Base Anthony

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Hi,  Does anybody know of anywhere or anyone who makes or can make an English style wedding cake around the Gers area.  Have tried various French caterers/patisseries etc. but no joy. Thanks in advance.

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Hi. is anyone interested in getting together a competition (for fun only)  a cooking evening once per month?    We could have 4 - 6 starters judged, 2 - 3 main courses and  2 - 3 deserts   A simple prize judged for best of class.  Charge a one time fee per person for dining, divided equally between all cooking participants.   Just thinking that we all have some special recipes that would and could do wonders  to add to the region...............     We could host the evening at various locations.    Maybe a good way to get newcomers together and to bond in the region. AM happy to host the first one come mid March................... Sassy

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has anyone tried the meat pies, sausage rolls, pork pies, cornish pasties from Maubourguet market on Tuesdays

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