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Hi, Following on from the sucess of last month's Fish and Chips evening at Caussens, Cod-en-Bleu are doing it again on Tuesday 17th December between 18:00 and 21:00. The venue is the Café du Sport at Caussens. You can pre-order at http://www.cod-en-bleu.com/OrderOnline.aspx Tony has told me that pre-ordering is advised.See you there. Mark

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So  it's in the cure at the moment but next week I need to get it out and really would like to smoke it. Does anyone have or know of a Smoker I can either buy or borrow please? Ham sandwich for anyone that can help! Merry Xmas Booney

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Festive Snail recipes:  Gunn's book  'The Snail Cookbook' is now on sale with Amazon. co.uk;  Amazon.fr; Amazon.de and Amazon.com  At last, a book that has all you need to know about collecting, cleaning and cooking the common garden snail: what toothsome revenge for the gardener!Here is a collection of delicious snail recipes from both the Spanish and French sides of the Pyrenees.First on the Spanish and now the French side, Walter Gunn has, for many years, made his home in the Pyrenean mountains where he indulges his passions for hunting good food, collecting the recipes and eating the results. Happy Xmas Gunn.

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Does anyone know where i can buy liquid glucose and glycerine thanks

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Hi does anybody know where one might be able to buy a leg or shoulder of Sanglier from?  

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Does anyone know where I might be able to get a smallish to medium-sized fresh turkey (ready for the oven) in the Gers/Hautes-Pyrenees by this Friday? Thanks.

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Hi There A group of lads hit Toulouse every so often and visit a few ex pat bars just to have a decent pint! Usually we go to De Danu, Frog and Roast  Beef  and the Melting pot but I have just discovered via this site The London Town  and the George and Dragon both John Bull pubs has anybody been there or know anything about them? Just wondering if they are worth a diversion on our next trip. Thanks  

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Hi, Just found out that Cod-en-Bleu are doing their Fish and Chips in the Cafe du Sport, Caussens (4km from Condom) on Tuesday 19th November between 18:00 and 21:00. You can pre-order at http://www.cod-en-bleu.com/OrderOnline.aspx Tony has told me that pre-ordering is advised. See you there.Mark 

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Hi all, Has anyone tried this wine, it's under the name "Chateau Cotes Veyrac". Is it any good? At 8,49 a bottle it seems cheap for a Grand Cru! I have googled the chateau but no trace for the 2008, the last entry seems to be for 2002. I don't have a lot of cash so don't want to waste it on a dubious wine, it's for Christmas and my wine knowledge is not very good. Thanks if you can help

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  Hi all. Can you help me please. Can any of you recommend a nice restaurant in Toulouse for a Christmas Eve Lunch for a party of four.  We were going to go to Emiles in Place St Georges, but they are shut.. Similar ambience to Emiles would be nice. Thank you

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Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone could recommend a restaurant near the ferry port at Ouistream which is open for dinner on a Sunday evening? All replies and recommendations welcome. Merci beaucoup    

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anybody know what they are organising???

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a caterer for a wedding in the Gers, in the Aignan area. Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a Thai restauarant in Bordeaux. It has to be real Thai cooking and one that uses fish sauce, chillies , lemon grass etc etc. Thanks

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Ever tried this website? If you have, I hope you received your goods. If you haven't steer clear. I ahve used them half a dozen times but over the last year or so, they have become a nightmare. Last order but one ttook six to eight weeks to arrive despite the site saying the goods were in stock. But to my chagrin I was tempted back by a great offer on champagne for a wedding. The order total of €1800 was promptly taken from my account on the day I ordered the wine that was again marked as in stock. I followed the order closely this time and was pleased to see they marked it a few days later as transferred to shipper. After three weeks I started emailing to advise non-delivery. Finally after four weeks I received an email apologising for the delay and saying they were in dispute with the shipper and offering my money back. By now they had radically increased the price of the wine on their site and I suspected this was a ruse not to deliver my order. I didn't want the money, I wanted the wine! Eventually I lost patience went elsewhere and asked for my order to be cancelled and my money returned. Despite being able to take the money the day you order, they said it takes them two weeks to return it. Threats of action were ignored by email and brushed off on the phone.  Today I am still waiting for my cash back and getting to the point of claiming against Visa. Avoid the same problem and stay away from ChateauOnline!

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We want to take some friends into Toulouse this week and have lunch out. There are so many restaurants its hard to choose one! We've been to the restaurants above Victor Hugo market but fancy something different. Can you recommend one? Thanks

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Do you live near Maubourguet? Hotel de France has new owners. The chef is from Portugal and very good. But different from the local duck tradition. So very few locals are coming and we are afraid they have to sell up again. Please come for an outstanding meal

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Hi, The bar LOU BAR'ANET, r Doct Demandes, 32350 BARRAN are having a Fish and Chips evening on Saturday 29th June starting at 7pm. Cod-en-Bleu will be doing the grub and you can pre-order on their website - www.cod-en-bleu.com I'm going so see you there. CheersMark 

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Hi, Just found out that Cod-en-Bleu are doing their Fish and Chips in Condom tomorrow evening (Tuesday 18th June).  They are going to be at the Place de la Battaile d'Armagnac (Nr. Churchill's Grocers) between 18:00 and 21:00. You can pre-order at http://www.cod-en-bleu.com/OrderOnline.aspx Tony has told me that pre-ordering is advised. See you there.Mark 

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Hello, Does anybody know where i can buy locally produced 'Bee Pollen' here in the 'Gers'. I do not see 'Bee Pollen' for sale at the local markets, and i'm not a fan of buying from the big corporate supermarkets. Many thanks in advance for any advice / contacts / etc

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