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Hi, Have just found out that Cod-en-Bleu are doing another one of their Fish and Chip evenings at the Petit Café / Petit Resto, Les Cabannes, 81170.  They are goin to be there on Tuesday 4th June between 18:00 and 21:00.  Pre-booking is recommended. CheersMark 

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Help! Does anyone know where I can buy Liqiud Glucose in either Haute Garonne, Ariege or the Gers?  I need it to make Fondant Icing for an anniversary cake. Thanks in anticipation

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A friend mentioned that the iconic Hotel du Pont in Castelnau has closed - if so, this is dire news! Any ides for the kind of meal that can really knock your socks off, within 30 ks of Boulogne s Gesse, say? Penny

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Hi, Anybody know if there is a Pizza Van in or around Condom and if so, where and when is it there? Thanks in anticipationTony 

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Hi.  I have trawled through many of the discussions on this site trying to find a recommendation for somewhere to eat out on a Sunday lunch time and not found anything as yet.  We live near Lectoure/Fleurance and are happy to drive up to an hour.  Can anyone suggest anywhere that is open on a Sunday at this time of year with good food and children welcome, please?  There must be something, somewhere!!!!!!  Thank you.

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Hi, I regularly make a 50% wholemeal 50% white flour loaf in my breadmaker. I brought a few bags of flour with us when we moved to France 5 weeks ago but this is coming to an end and I have noticed that French supermarkets only seem to have a very limited selection of flours, and wholemeal flour for bread making doesn't seem to feature at all or only as very expensive options in the Bio or Organic sections. Back in the UK I used to buy socalled very strong Canadian wholemeal and white flour, 1.5kg bag for about £1.50 or so. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent here for bread making and where to buy it or do I have to order the Canadian flour from the UK? Thanks everybody! Marianne

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We live in south Lot-et-Garonne, (47) near Nérac and therefore technically belong in Anglo Info Dordogne although we feel geographically and "spiritually" located in AI Midi Pyrenees south. Therefore, please excuse the double posting of this question.Through friends living up near Brive we have been using a British farm butcher who raise, slaughter and butcher beef, pork and lamb and also supply our Brit essentials such as bacon and sausages but because they are located so far away we have to order the meat through our friends, wait for it to be delivered to them and get them to freeze it in portions for us to collect when we visit. The meat is good but the system isn't. So, I wonder if there are any similar operations locally to us?I have seen businesses advertising British butchery but when researched they turn out to be in Normandy or other distant locations and therefore have high delivery costs (I don't want to get into a discussion about whether the charges are justified or reasonable etc. I just don't want my meat to earn Airmiles and I would rather support a local business).Therefore, does anyone know of such an operation in either:  mid to south 47, anywhere in Gers (32), Eastern Landes (40) or Western Tarn-et-Garonne (82) please?

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Can anyone recomend a caterer for 21st birthday, who can supply table's and chair's crockery etc for the end of June for 40 people

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My usual butcher is busy, so would anyone else be able to butcher a small (~60kg) pig for me between now and saturday?32140 manent montané

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.....at Leclerc this week; delicious dos de cabillaud 9.99 per kilo....that's less than half the normal price folks and you only need one between the two of you so about 6 euros!   The batter is easy  , 150 grms flour, small bottle of beer ( don't use it all as you need a thick batter - drink the rest), couple of teaspoons baking powder, a little salt. Beat together. Cut the dos in half for two of you then lightly flour, dip in the batter so it's well coated and fry in hot oil for a few minutes until batter is golden, turn carefully if you are doing it in a frying pan, and fry the other side...et voila!   Serve with lemon slice, mushy peas and chips....and more beer.

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Hi, I have just found out that Cod-en-Bleu are doing a Fish and Chip night at Barran (32350) on Saturday January 19th. It will be at: LOU BAR'ANET, r Doct Demandes, 32350 BARRAN  between 19:00 and 21:00 For more details call 06 46 71 16 00 or go to www.cod-en-bleu.com CheersMark 

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I bought a box of 24 oysters on monday & have only used half of them - how long are they good for?  I didn't think to ask the fishmonger & there's no use by date, so I wondered if they are still ok to eat tonight?  I have a chum who had a very bad experience with a bad one & don't want to take any chances! Thanks

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Hi Does anyone know the exact flour/Farine type / name  ideal for making chapatis and parathas Where can we buy it as there does not appear to be anything appropriate in the major supermarkets Thank you to anyone who can offer advice or share their experiences Bon Fetes 

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I have two pigs ready for the freezer and Christmas dinner. These pigs have been fed outside in a grass paddock on whole grains with a supplement of pig nuts. These are in a different league to supermarket pork. One we will keep for ourselves, and the other is available as two halves at €3.50/kg. Estimated weigh of 70kg per half. The abattoir provide the kill out weight so this is independantly verified. I will take the pigs to Auch abattoir and you and I pick up the half pigs later in the week. I cannot “handle” raw meat as I do not have a licence and the handling facilities. GreenMan Dexters.    

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I have a Vibiemme Domobar Super that needs some maintenance, possibly just a professional descaling. I'm not having luck on locating someone through any directories or the manufacturer's (appallingly Flash-laden) website.Any ideas? I'm sure there's someone who does the professional machines, and this is essentially a smaller version thereof. I'm in the Vic-Fezensac area but happy to drive it up to Toulouse.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a pumpkin around Trie or Mirande? I've seen tiny ones in the Intermarche in Trie but I need a pumpkin for eating, not for looking adorable on the table. Thanks!  

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I am looking for a goose ( and I know all the smart answers!!!) I am having trouble finding one that I don't have to kill myself. It is ridiculous in and area like this but that is the fact. I can pluck it ( if I have to :( ) and have no problems with drawing it but that is my limit. Does anyone know where I can get one please, obviously for Christmas.  

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I am sure there are many people on here who have started selling their own cake making business, so I am hoping someone can help.  I am aware that you have to have a seperate kitchen, and was wondering if my food Hygiene certificate from the UK is valid here? Also can anyone advise me about what other rules I need to follow or where I can find out.  I will set up as an auto-entrepreneur so start but am a little bit lost.  I would be grateful for any advice.   Thanks

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Hello   Are there any expats that still hanker for some traditional home foods, would anybody be interested in possibly bulk buying with other expats to help keep cost and delivery charges down? If so please contact me to see if we can arrange something.   Many thanks  Stevef

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Hi Is there anyone with the above in the back of the cupboard that they no longer use? I'd be very interested as I'm embarking on a new project - filling the pantry with preserves.  Please to hear from anyone in 81, 82, 47 or 46. Di  

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