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We were given a meal as an anniversary present in L'Ambroisie in Tarbes. It was superb - we will certainly go back - their normal menu du jour looks great as well.

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I'm going to a concert at the Bikini in Ramonville-St Agnes tonight, and had hoped to get a nice Thai meal beforehand. I checked about a half-dozen restaurants but none open before 7.30pm which is far too late when I have to be at a standing-room only venue at 8.30 Any recommendations/suggestions? Chinese or other East Asian options also considered.   (The Bikini's own restaurant is not open at this time of year)

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Hi there - I was told there was a store in Montauban where we could buy these things.  Does anyone know the name and address please?  I can't seem to find anything via Google. Many thanks.

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I'm talking cheese.  I've found out that cheddar doesn't freeze well, it definitely goes more crumbly and I think the taste fades slightly.  But I've recently bought some Halloumi from an English shop over here that was frozen and it wasn't as good as it should be.  Is it the same with all cheeses ?

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Hi Does anyone know start times, venue and cost for tomorrow night's beerfest? Thanks  

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Someone on another site recommended this; have booked a resto with it; looks good! http://www.tousaurestaurant.com/fr/

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when is the best time to pick (blackthorn) sloe berries here, i know in the UK you pick them late October or after first frost any information thanks

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Hi - has anyone been to the indian restaurant in Albi yet? Just wondering what it's like as we are booked to go there next week.

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As its not often you get good service I would like to share this site with you all as i placed my first order with them this weekend - received it today (Tuesday!) It is a french company but they now sell loads of UK Beers - look through carefully( in the bottle section, you can chose what country you want ) as there are some deals ! Delivery is very reasonable and & what a range ! Heres the link : http://www.saveur-biere.com/fr/3-biere-bouteille/pays-angleterre Don't forget to invite me over when you receive your first parcel !!!!!!

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Thought we'd let you know that after 4 years of closure, the Auberge at Urdens (32500, between Fleurance and St Clar) is finally open again after an extensive remodelling. We're quite excited to have something local that we can walk to at last and thought we'd spread the word to give them the best chance of success! The new owners used to run a restaurant in the Pyrenées. Went there for the opening do last night and it looks fantastic; they've kept the rustic elements and managed to make it modern and very comfortable. And if the nibbles they served last night are anything to go by then the food should be wonderful too. It's been renamed "Les Tables D'Urdens" and is open for lunch and evening meals every day except Monday. At weekdays lunchtimes they serve a 13.50 euro formule - 3 courses and 1/4 wine and coffee included - it's advised to book because everything is prepared fresh on the day so numbers could be limited. They also do a menu at 15 & 25 euros and kids for 7 euros. And there's a selection of around 7-8 options for each course "à la carte". The menu will change every season to adapt to local, seasonal produce. If you want to see the current menu, let us know and we'll email you a copy. Phone number is and there is a website but not much info on there yet: www.lestablesdurdens.fr Oh, and Mélanie speaks pretty good English too.......

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Can anyone advise of where there are organic or free range pig breeders who sell pork direct to the public. I am based in the Haute Garonne but am willing to travel for quality meat at a competative price. Colin

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I am thinking of setting up an Indian food business. To start with this would be on a delivery basis within half an hour of Montrejeau. I think my Indian food cooking is good. On a par with a good takeaway from the UK. I might start off with the more popular dishes and then maybe venture out in to more dishes and maybe pick up/takeaway. I would like to deliver food cooked that day so would be thinking of maybe 48hrs notice for any orders.I am open to suggestions and would really appreciate any feedback to see if/or how many people would be interested.P.S. I make a very good naan bread!

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match being showed tonight in the irish pub in jegun....with a few english coming along in costume for the fun of it!!!! Prize for the best disguised fan..... kick off at 6pm

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Hello My almost blind neighbour used to have a selection of ready meals delivered to her by the local hospital but it has been cancelled due to lack of profit. Does anyone know of anyone in the Lannemezan area that delivers 'proper' meals that can be refrigerated/frozen then reheated in microwave. The supermarket and freezer shop ready meals are not suitable because of the general low quality. Thanks

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We are looking for someone to supply and cook a hog roast for us for a BBQ in the summer. We live near Lectoure (32). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Hi, I'm looking for someone who has a relatively large trailer and who might have the time to pick up some tables and chair from Montesquieu and deliver to Eauze on Friday. I think it will be about 100 fold up chairs and trestle tables. Longshot but worth a try.........

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Anybody watching Gok Cooks Chinese and wants to buy ingredients? Try Dragon imperial in Tarbes/Borderes sur l'Echez. Route de Bourdeaux next to Foire Fouille. Very nice lady gave me loads of advice and free prawn crackers. Lots of indian sauces, gram flour etc. The also sell Peking duck and pancakes (frozen)

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Does anyone know where I can buy citric acid locally. I am in the Condom area in the Gers 32. Thanks

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Hi, We are holding another artisan fair here at Domaine de Sedouprat on the 10th June. Last year was great fun, loads of people came. There will be wine, a great organic pig roast menu, afternoon cream teas, a jazz band, falconry, and all sorts of art, from metalwork, animal illustrations, carpentry, furniture. The point of this posting is to find any other artisans out there who would like to join in, have a stand/exhibit? If so, please get in contact. Thanks Nick

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Hi now is the time fro those of you who love this drink to make their own: the flowers are everywhere!4.5 litres of boiling water3kg sugar150g ish of citric acid; you can get it at most pharmacies60 flower heads washed and removed from all of the stalks if possible12 large lemons sliced7/8 large glass bottles with a firmly closing top (if you buy the cheapish trad lemonade at Carrefour then you get a free bottle to use!)Dissolve the sugar and citric acid in the boiling water and allow to cool (you need a very large bowl or storage box) (very important as the pollen of the flowers contains a natural yeast and if you dont cool the water then the yeast begins to fermant and you will have exploding bottles everywhere as I did one year!!)Add the sliced lemons and the flowers and then cover and leave to steep for 48hrsOnce steeped then filter through a muslin to remove the bit and bobs (I usually squeeze the lemons here to get as much juice as possible.Pour into sterilised bottles and store in a cool dark place. Will last around 3 months To serve dilute as for a sirop

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