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Just planning an outing to Albi with some family members and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for good restaurants in Albi for lunch. Not looking for anything excessive on the price front, just a good mid-range eatery. Thanks in advance.

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Hello,I would like to share this fantastic local product with you all !.My French neighbours they have a farm and they are running a Bio Beef business.They do the whole process from A to Z Bio so that means they grow the food for the cows and everything is from their land with no chemical or other products!I eat it now for a year and it is true i never had meat that taste so good.They have a website (in french) www.saveurlubia.fr (i made the site for them) where you can order their products.You can buy Boeuf 12.50 € kg and Veau 13.00 € kg.You can choose between 7 and 10 kg.So if you really want 100 % pure Bio beef Meat than this is the place ! they also deliver at home.

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does anyone know the name and telephone number of the restaurant in Montesquiou in the Gers, I just cannot find the name , any help as always gratefully appreciated thanks squoppy

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I have a guest staying in April who is medically restricted to alcohol-free beverages. He knows of German options for wine and beer ( Schlossgold,Clausthaler, Lowenbrau ) but not of French. Any recommendations for quality domestic product?

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I have found a super vegetarian recipe book, but a lot of the recipes call for Vegemince or Quorn. Does anyone know if and/or where these can be bought locallyThanks

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Hi everyone, I run the irish pub in jegun....and facing us is the restaurant.."la halle"..... which many of you may have visited on one of our concert nights.... The new owners.... are opening on the weekend of friday the 13th, n 14th..... with the pub doing a grand opening weekend..... The old owners were cooks...this new owner is a fully qualified chef...and hs diplomas of all sorts...with his pastry traing with one big noice chef, seafoods with another bignoise..... etc etc...in fact a totally new and different experience...... They will have a regular.... workmans type for everyone meal at lunchtimes...but its going to be fancier in the evenings.... i dont have the menus yet...but... Highly highly recommended to make reservations the opening weekend.... Already on the friday for the first evening service at 7.30 i have 18 reservations...they will be doing a second service at 9pm...... If you are intrested in reserving...please send me directly a message as they are not yet set up

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Hi We went to a Banquet de la chasse last weekend and had some beautiful Assiette de charcuterie de sanglier. Have never seen this in the shops and wondering where we could buy it. Didn't think to ask the locals but with such a treasure I am not sure if I would tell anyone. The terrine was good but the dry cured ham was exceptional.

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Anybody any idea where I can buy individual butter portions at a reasonable price in catering quantities? Either in the little plastic pots or the folded paper version, I'm not fussy. I have surfed the french web in vain. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Eauze?

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Hi guys, Many of toy man know hte restaurant facing the irsh pub in jegun.... The new owners of "restaurant la halle" are henri and veronique dubord..... henry is a fully qualified diplomad chef.... He used to be the chef in chateaux camille...... as well as a number of other places.... The food and service is mauch higher quality that the previous restaurant, and the service is on a professional level. Lunchtime menu is 13 euros for starter main course and desert witha glass of wine included. Evening menu ranges from 19 to 29 euros...depending on weather 2 3 or 4 courses.... Not the ritz carlton but a better quality gastronomique experience well worth it... They have decided to make a special offer to all clients of the bar "la legende irlandaise" irish pub , jegun..... If a meal is reserved through this site, and aperatif is offered in the bar and a galss of wine with your chosen meal.... If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.....

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i think its just north of trie sur baise (5kM or so) on mirande road and is opening mid day sat

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Could anyone please recommend one in Toulouse?? Thanks

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Anyone know where I can buy the local brand of coffee La Bruliere de Gascogne? It used to be sold in Intermarche, but I haven't seen it there in months. Christine

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Does anyone know where I can buy Tahini ? ... I'm near Boulogne sur Gesse (31). Thanks.

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We went out to friends on Friday and had slow roast pork belly......delicious! With crackling to kill for.By coincidence Ken Hom did a Chinese version on Saturday.Does anyone have any idea where I could get:- Sichuan PepercornsFive Spice powderOr what they would be called in French.Thank you.Neil.

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Happy New Year Everyone I am really missing my curry fix. I have tried making a few but they just don't quite hit the spot. I like medium to hot. Does anyone have a good recipe to share?Thank youChristine

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I'm translating an English recipe into French for a friend and wasn't sure what to say for tablespoons. Can anyone help me out ?

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Has anyone seen this for sale in the Tarbes/trie areas?

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What is chilli powder in French? I have bought Piment de Cayenne, which is the only thing the supermarket has that looks like it - is that the same thing ??

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At the Sédouprat Xmas Fair the free roast chestnuts and mulled wine will now be served for the whole event (from 3) with all the other foods and gifts. Originally (as advertised), we were just going to serve mulled wine and chestnuts after 6 but the recent downpours and resulting mud will make night time parking a bit slow, so we thought by extending availability into daylight hours we would avoid any bottlenecks up the road. Thanks.Nick

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