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Having had a delightful Truffle Sauce with Steak, first time for us, we would like to make our own. Where can we find Truffles, tinned or fresh, and has anyone got a good recipe?

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Hello We once had a lager in a bar and the bar tender added a shot of something..he asked us first if we would like to try...it made the lager taste more like a beer (ish) does anyone know the name of this Thanks Chin Chin and Merry Christmas

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Great mince pie receipe.http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2174/unbelievably-easy-mince-piesHappy Christmas everyone!!!

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows where to get glycerin from, for royal icing, in France - would it be a pharmacy?Thanks

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Has anyone seen sweet potatoes or yams at a market or grocery store close to St. Gaudens? Would settle for tinned in a pinch. Thanks very much.

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Hi a couple of questions: 1. Does anyone know in the Trie Sur Baise area know of where you can get porridge oats other the small boxes in the supermarkets?2. Has anyone found and tried a good source of gluten free pasta? I have already tried the one option found in Eleclerc and it was terrible. Many thanks

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Anyone know where I can get candied peel in the Gers/ Auch area? ThanksLouisa

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I will be needing three large turkeys for a do at Christmas. Any recommendations please for fresh free range near Aurignac...

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Anyone know what ground spice is in french ?

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I fancy a change for christmas, does anyone know where i could get some pheasants?

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Hi does anyone know if they sell Jagermeister over in Bossost, and the price please Thanks Cath

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Does anyone know of a farm that would deliver to Lectoure (32) bulk quantities of their locally reared meat? We would probably be spending €100 plus and don't want to incur high courier costs that some companies quote.

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Can anybody help please, we would like to make our own ham and we understand that requires soaking in a brine made up of special salts, we have consulted the internet and it keeps refering to these salts without any info as to how there are made or (in France) where we can buy them apart from saltpetre from the pharmacy without any clue as to what we do with it, as we do not want to make a porc bomb. Help!! Smiffy

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Looking for somebody who knows how to roast chestnuts and make them taste as good as they do when you buy them on the streets in London. Anyone?

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I am looking for a shop that might sell Christmas crackers, Christmas puddings, hot English mustard and the bisto for my gravy.

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Does anyone know of a mobile pig roaster in the Gers area - wanted for next June?

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Decent quality coffee beans are becoming harder to source in Gers supermarkets (Lavazza esp) - quite often no beans at all, just ground stuff. Brûlerie de Gascogne didn't impress with flavour or cost. Does anyone know of a good quality roaster who will send by mail? I tried Monmouth in London but they only service UK.

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Does anyone know of a place at Sariac Manoac (nr. Castlenau M Farm.anoac) called The Singing Frog I have been told they have a good selection of Engish food. Thank you Shirley

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Has anyone seen any fresh dill in the supermarkets/markets? I need some for a recipe. Next year I will plant my own. Thanks.

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