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I am wondering if anyone else is having problems locating a place for their child's stage this Autumn?My son is seventeen and has to find a stage for two months beginning November 2020.He is doing engineering CNC milling/programming.In the past we have always managed to find a place for him, but due to the Covid outbreak most companies are working at a slow pace or not at all.Engineering companies are particularly hard hit as most local firms are reliant on Aircraft work and Airbus demand has slowed down and had a heavy impact on demand. The problem we now face is that my son has to do a stage to complete his final year and without this he is liable to fail.The college are supportive and trying hard to place him, but at the moment it is very difficult and will probably mean he has to travel and relocate for a two month period.Has anyone else faced this problem or does anyone know of local firms in the Gers who we may approach?

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Hoping to work during the summer season housekeeping and hostessing for a company in France. Hours of work are vague and have been asked to put in an invoice at the end of the season? Home is the UK and monies can be paid in GB£ ... What other questions should be asked? Thanks

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Does anyone know of a reliable small loads/part load furniture remover to UK. Needed in early/mid October from Gers.

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Does anyone have any ideas for furniture removal from Gers to the UK? We need approx. 40 cubic metres of furniture and boxes etc. to go on the 12th June. Does anyone know of a UK based van hire company where we can maybe hire a Luton van in the UK, drive to France and then take it back. It seems that many do not allow their Luton vans out of the UK. Any ideas?

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 The ability to draft a winning sponsorship proposal is the key to acquire sponsors for your event. A sponsorship proposal is an essential document that has the power to change the sponsorship seeker into a marketing partner. This document is the more conflict-prone report that can affect the entire sponsorship process. The following report comprises the top ten influential steps to develop the perfect event sponsorship proposal.

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Hello everyone, I'm sitting in London, my primary residence is in SW France - near Boulogne sur Gesse 313650 to be more precise, and I don't have EU citizenship or French residency. I'm naturally keen to know under when and under what conditions France will re-open its borders for travel that's not deemed "absolutely essential". We don't know this yet. But I'd like to tap this community of knowledge to see if it's possible to create a thread of information and updates that will help build as accurate a picture f possible of how this is unfolding. Can anyone help? Thanks. Jeremy 

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Hi all,  can anyone tell me how close I can build a small wall from my house to a public road? 

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Hello,I have a bit of a bizzare request I was wondering if anyone could help with. I have a small bag of food that I need to get to the border post near foix (Andoran Border) as part of a skiing expedition. I am based in salies de salat and was wondering if anyone is heading up that way in the next couple of weeks, passing anywhere nearby, or if anyone has any suggestions about where I might be able to find a solution?many thanksSeth

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Just returned from Argeles-Gazost having viewed some properties. My wife and I both work in hospitality & catering and have a desire to run a B&B near to where we were staying. The properties we viewed were ready to go but we also saw properties that needed renovating. Any advice would be much appreciated re build cost, change of use etc. We would be happy to buy a run down property that could be initially used as a holiday home or rental property with a long term aim to relocate (say 3-5 years).  I'm a keen cyclist and we both ski and we see these activities as a possible market for rentals too. Any advice especially on renovation is very much appreciated. 

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When we lived in UK, we travelled to France every few weeks but are now living in Australia and visit France twice a year. In those days we paid an annual fee to park in P1/P2 and were able to access our car at Blagnac 24/7 but no new bookings are being accepted for 2019. I'm looking for advice for alternative long term (3-6 month) parking areas close to Blagnac, which give access 24/7 or at least between 0600 - 2300 with a shuttle or close enough to get a taxi. Appreciate any advice you can give from experience and satisfaction. Thanks

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Recently returned to area. Looking for friends for my children 5 and 10. Anybody around? Everything looks very quiet. Where has everyone gone?

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Hi there,   How to send a zip file in Google, when Gmail is blocking it.  

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I need to build a pretty simple website that isn't going to get a ton of traffic (it's for a club) and was going to go with Strikingly and use their hosting but their pricing seems high compared to other hosting plans (so far super customer service though). 1hebergement has a low hosting price but I'd have to use Joomla or Wordpress to build the site, both of which I'm not a huge fan of.  I also don't know that much about 1hebergement hosting (now called Nuxit I think) and don't want to end up getting into a bad hosting plan that charges extra for everything. If you can recommend a hosting company please do! Thanks.

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My friend received a speeding ticket today from last September's holiday in France - they are English as so is their car - will they get points on their license? They were only a little bit over the limit. Also not sure why its taken so long to come through - guessing it has to be paid!

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Hello,I want to retrain as an electrician to work here in France. I have considered AFPA etc but time scales and location don't make this an easy option. I have been looking at UK training - costly I know, but quicker and easier. I have been trying to find out what qualifications would be recognised in France. I have asked at the Chambres des Metiers but they haven't been very helpful. I know that city and guilds are part of the europass scheme but I wondered if the lesser qualifications would be recognised. I looked at OCLI for C&G qualifications, but I have heard some bad things about themDoes anyone have any advice?Thanks in advance. T

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Is anyone getting rid of a plasterboard lifter?  Within 1h of Nogaro (32110) please.

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I have just read that Angloinfo will cease in March. They will apparently be joining another site called smartexpat. The reformatted version of angloinfo that was released last year was the final kiss of death for the siteRIP Angloinfo

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Hi all,Does anyone know if there are any (gentle) walking groups in the area, thinking of any reasonably close to Castelnau Magnoac, Trie-Sur-Baise,              Boulogne- sur Gesse  or thereabouts, thinking of walks suitable for the late 50's mid 60's age bracket..Thank you.

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Just tried to post this in Classifieds and got as far as the 'I'm not a robot' bit with nothing to enter!1 off 1.1 Metre 'Technomate' Satelite dish about 1 year old.1 0ff wall bracket for above, about 8 years old. (A bit battered as I had to modify it!).1 off quad LNB 'Vision' age unknown was working last October.1 off Humax Freesat Box with 500 Gb hardrive about 5 years old, with manual and HDMI cable.So apart from cable and plugs this is pretty much a complete Freesat set.  I'm 15K North of Auch and will deliver within 50K of here.I'm looking for 125€ for the lot.  Please contact me at Tourrens@gmail.com

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Thanks for any advice on this - we need to rent out our town house in Bagnères de bigorre for an income. Is there much demand for this on long term rental? The holiday let I imagine would be more income but involves maintenance and changeovers. We live in Brittany so not an option to do that ourselves.We know what the markets are like here but dont have a feel for Pyrenees area.Without going into huge details on the property, its truly central, no real outside space, one large bedroom and one open plan area on ground floor which could accommodate children sleeping area. All done up with central heating etc.Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info.

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