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I need to build a pretty simple website that isn't going to get a ton of traffic (it's for a club) and was going to go with Strikingly and use their hosting but their pricing seems high compared to other hosting plans (so far super customer service though). 1hebergement has a low hosting price but I'd have to use Joomla or Wordpress to build the site, both of which I'm not a huge fan of.  I also don't know that much about 1hebergement hosting (now called Nuxit I think) and don't want to end up getting into a bad hosting plan that charges extra for everything. If you can recommend a hosting company please do! Thanks.

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My friend received a speeding ticket today from last September's holiday in France - they are English as so is their car - will they get points on their license? They were only a little bit over the limit. Also not sure why its taken so long to come through - guessing it has to be paid!

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Hello,I want to retrain as an electrician to work here in France. I have considered AFPA etc but time scales and location don't make this an easy option. I have been looking at UK training - costly I know, but quicker and easier. I have been trying to find out what qualifications would be recognised in France. I have asked at the Chambres des Metiers but they haven't been very helpful. I know that city and guilds are part of the europass scheme but I wondered if the lesser qualifications would be recognised. I looked at OCLI for C&G qualifications, but I have heard some bad things about themDoes anyone have any advice?Thanks in advance. T

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Is anyone getting rid of a plasterboard lifter?  Within 1h of Nogaro (32110) please.

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I have just read that Angloinfo will cease in March. They will apparently be joining another site called smartexpat. The reformatted version of angloinfo that was released last year was the final kiss of death for the siteRIP Angloinfo

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Hi all,Does anyone know if there are any (gentle) walking groups in the area, thinking of any reasonably close to Castelnau Magnoac, Trie-Sur-Baise,              Boulogne- sur Gesse  or thereabouts, thinking of walks suitable for the late 50's mid 60's age bracket..Thank you.

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Just tried to post this in Classifieds and got as far as the 'I'm not a robot' bit with nothing to enter!1 off 1.1 Metre 'Technomate' Satelite dish about 1 year old.1 0ff wall bracket for above, about 8 years old. (A bit battered as I had to modify it!).1 off quad LNB 'Vision' age unknown was working last October.1 off Humax Freesat Box with 500 Gb hardrive about 5 years old, with manual and HDMI cable.So apart from cable and plugs this is pretty much a complete Freesat set.  I'm 15K North of Auch and will deliver within 50K of here.I'm looking for 125€ for the lot.  Please contact me at Tourrens@gmail.com

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Thanks for any advice on this - we need to rent out our town house in Bagnères de bigorre for an income. Is there much demand for this on long term rental? The holiday let I imagine would be more income but involves maintenance and changeovers. We live in Brittany so not an option to do that ourselves.We know what the markets are like here but dont have a feel for Pyrenees area.Without going into huge details on the property, its truly central, no real outside space, one large bedroom and one open plan area on ground floor which could accommodate children sleeping area. All done up with central heating etc.Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info.

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I have a couch in Fougax that I would like taking back to Bristol and wondered if anybody is travelling back with an empty van in the foreseeable future. I can have you met en route after arriving in the UK. It comes apart and when in two pieces, only takes up a space of 1 metre cubed.Can anybody help please?

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Anybody have any idea how much a taxi from Castelnau Magnoac to Blagnac Toulouse costs?

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Double fronted shop in Castelnau Magnoac available for rent at 450 Euro a month. Shop has WC and rear kitchen area.

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That's it.

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Here is wishing all of you lovely people a very merry christmas and a new year full of good health,love,fun and positivity.  All the seasonal best  Love and light  Jamie xx

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I intendto install a mobile signal booste,My mobileis with a UK provider, so my signal here varies from French sources:Orange, SFR, Free, and Bouygues Telecom.I need to orientate (point) my booster antenna between the 2 bestsignal strength quality masts but cannot find a French site which gives meexact geographical locations of the individual provider mast locations overhere.Any advice as to how to find these for my location would begreatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.Regards to all

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Hi looking for a reliable carpenter to build a timber framed 'lean-to' extension for me (or with me as i will be the labourer) roughly 13m x 5m in the Boulogne SG area (31350) . Must be reasonably priced as i am on a budget. Nationality unimportant. Many thanks in advance

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HiHas anyone had any experience of applying for a carte de sejour permanent UE (inactif) at Toulouse prefecture?  I am trying to find EXACTLY what I need to provide before tackling the guichet at the Prefecture.  https://www.service-public.fr/ is a little bit vague on exact documents.  The  Haute Garonne prefecture website simply says EU citizens do not need one and only gives information for renewal.  However I know I do not need one but have a right to one and it may make life easier.  I have been advised to phone them before going - I tried phoning but there is no option to speak to a human but just endless recorded messages for other things and also no option to make an appointment for a first application - again only renewal.   Any advice from recent experience welcome. 

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Does anyone know or understand the difference between a Orange 'white' non professional livebox and the 'black' professional livebox. i am on my 5th 'white' livebox since january 2014 and about to be replaced again. The problem is a question of speed. Every time I have a new livebox my speed is fast and gradually deteriorates even though i reset and restart regularly. Orange one word. WORTHLESS. I should add that I am employed in IT and understand ADSL and network connections but this particular problem is defeating me even with training in Netgear, D-Link and Cisco products.

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I have lived on good terms with a neighbour who is about 2/300 metres away for about 10 years. He got an Italian mastiff about 5 years ago, male, uncastrated and has received no training. This dog has been allowed to roam. My first intimation of problems came when one of the neighbour's sheep ran into my yard bleeding profusely from the neck - the dog's handiwork. Subsequently I heard on the grapevine that this was not the first time and that the dog had also attacked other dogs leading to emergency visits to the vet. It was also rumoured that the dog had even had a go at its owner. On a single occasion the dog turned up on my property and chased the smaller of my two dogs but I was able to chase it away.The problem. About 6 months ago the smaller of my two disappeared for a couple of nights(totally out of character behaviour) and when he turned up he had wounds which the vet confirmed were bites from a very large dog. Unfortunately, one of the wounds was infected and this required the removal of a large area of flesh from his shoulder.  The damage was so severe that I really wondered if I was doing the right thing in putting him through all this.The surgery and aftercare cost more than 500 euros. My suspicion was that the mastiff was probably the culprit. I talked politely with the neighbour raising my concerns and asked if he could make an effort to confine his dog. Of course, I acknowledged that I couldn't prove  anything but nevertheless on past history the finger pointed in the mastiff's direction. He was reluctant to do anything and seemed to make light of the dog's past history.A couple of months later I witnessed a second attack on my smaller dog on my property. Another vet bill but the damage much less severe.This time the vet himself revealed that he had had to deal with another victim. Another conversation with the neighbour, I was pretty annoyed and called upon him to confine the dog when it was unsupervised to a large walled and gated yard in front of his house. He wasn't really very keen on even accepting that there was a problem but eventually agreed to confine it at night. Fast forward to this Wednesday. The dog suddenly appeared in my yard and attacked my younger larger dog. Two wounds, one deep requiring anaesthesia to carry out stitching. I was furious. Saw the neighbour and was subjected to a stream of the most bizarre and outlandish assertions including the suggestion that I put up fencing so that his dog can't get onto my property!What do I do? The vet suggested a report to the gendarmerie. I value good neighbourly relations very much and I do NOT want to spend the rest of my time living here " at daggers drawn". The most frustrating thing is the unwillingness of my neighbour to properly acknowledge the danger that his dog poses. This dog doesn't do the usual snap, snarl, bare teeth demonstration of his male dominance, he wants to kill.

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Recently we moved to our new home in the village of Lameac, Hautes-Pyrenees.  We have a large satellite dish, already installed, facing South/East but we are unable to receive any signals from British Television.  The previous owners left behind a SKYE Digi-box, without a card.  Can anyone help by advising us if there is any way we can use this equipment for our needs or do we need to buy something else in order to receive British Television signals? Thanks.

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