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LibDems in France: the president leaves a bill of almost1000 € to be paid to the co-organizers of ALDE Party IM / France, the individual members of the Renew Europe group, after the Toulouse meeting of28 September in Toulouse on "Brexit and European Policies »This is a wonderful story of cross-party cooperation that deserves to be told.The current president of the LibDems in France contacted at the end of 2018 theFrench Coordinator of the ALDE Party IM / France.LibDems sits in the "Renew Europe" group formerly ALDE in theEuropean Parliament.The idea was to make a meeting in Toulouse on the theme "Brexit andEuropean Policies".Seeing that the project was not moving forward, and that the President of theLibDems in France was the only one managing everything, I suggested that the"France team" ALDE give him a hand.This team includes, in particular, representatives in France of politicalparties from other EU countries.A budget was presented by the Coordinator ALDE-IM / France, accepted by thepresident of LibDems in France.Quite quickly, the president of the LibDems left us the task of setting up theproject by his repeated absence:impossible to get him to write a program. it was necessary for the CoordinatorALDE-France to draft it; Unable to obtain introductory texts, the president of the LibDems in Francesystematically returned the original text (poorly written in English and poorlytranslated into French);The Coordinator Alde-IM France had given a list of politicians to inviteimperatively by the president of the LibDems, for reasons of republican politeness(including the local presidents of French political parties sitting in thegroup Renew Europe)., The president of the LibDems in France did not inviteany!Between the 2nd of September and the 10th of September, it was impossible tojoin the President of the LibDems, he did not respond voluntarily while we hadurgent things to settle. He responded by email on September 10th that he wasnot answering because he was going on a tour with his family!Even better :On the lack of republican politeness: the customis that when an event like the meeting of Toulouse is organized by bringing inBritish, German and other parliamentarians, the organizer contacts the CityHall to invite the Mayor of the city.The president of the LibDems in France did not doit while the Coordinator ALDE_IM France asked him very many times to do it. It was necessary that the coordinatorALDE_IM France uses all its diplomatic sense of former diplomat to "catchthe blow" and avoid the diplomatic incident with the Mayor of Toulousearriving to invite, even late, the Deputy Mayor concerned.We continue ... It's not over!I pass on the room in the Novotel Purpan whoselast two rows of seats were dirty and stained, the microphones that did notwork.The money and the € 1000 bill left:A week before the meeting in Toulouse, with ticketsales, the accounts were already balanced and the budgeted expenses paid.Only three people had bought the meal proposal.So, it was decided to cancel the proposed lunchmeal, and leave it free.In addition the hotel has a restaurant and thereare restaurants around the hotel.Surprise: At the end of the morning of the 28September meeting, the President of LibDems announced that a buffet lunch wasserved for the participantsWhen the people, whose expenses were to be takencare of, left the hotel, they were surprised to learn that they had to pay thereserved hotel rooms on behalf of the company of the President of the LibDemsin France. , whereas they had to be paid by the President of the LibDems inFrance directly.I remind you that a week before the meeting, therewas enough cash on hand.We continue!A few days later, the president of the LibDems inFrance sent an email to the other co-organizers asking them to pay the entrancefee to the conference plus lunch!Since when do the organizers pay to participate inthe meeting they organized?= 45 €!The President of LibDems in France also said hewould not pay other fees.In fact, the president of LibDems in France used the money to pay theexpenses for …fully refund his own expenses, and, invite his British friends onFriday, September 27 evening for dinner and lunch on Saturday, September 28noon.He left a bill of almost 1000 € for the co-organizers.ALDE Party coordinator IM France sent a complaint against the president ofLibdems En France to LibDems president Jo Swinson.Ditto for the general secretariat of ALDE in Brussels.The financial director of LibDems assured that the costs would be reimbursed... by the President of the Libdems in France.He has still not repaid despite pressure.The ALDE Party Im France coordinator put a post on the ALD-IM Facebook group onthis story.The case is therefore public.For my part, I find myself having paid a bill of just over € 450 while myhusband is unemployed and we absolutely can not afford such a hole. Because ofthe President of LibDems in France, I am obliged to cancel a very importanttrip for me.I wanted to tell you this story because the attitude of the president ofLibDems in France is inadmissible. He is a man without words.ALDE_IM Party France and probably other political parties in Frank will nolonger collaborate with the LibDems in France as long as it will be chaired bythe current president.This is what the ALDE Party Im France coordinator wrote to LibDems PresidentSwinson.As proof of what I have just written, I can give copies of all the justifyingemails.

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When we lived in UK, we travelled to France every few weeks but are now living in Australia and visit France twice a year. In those days we paid an annual fee to park in P1/P2 and were able to access our car at Blagnac 24/7 but no new bookings are being accepted for 2019. I'm looking for advice for alternative long term (3-6 month) parking areas close to Blagnac, which give access 24/7 or at least between 0600 - 2300 with a shuttle or close enough to get a taxi. Appreciate any advice you can give from experience and satisfaction. Thanks

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Recently returned to area. Looking for friends for my children 5 and 10. Anybody around? Everything looks very quiet. Where has everyone gone?

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Hi there,   How to send a zip file in Google, when Gmail is blocking it.  

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I need to build a pretty simple website that isn't going to get a ton of traffic (it's for a club) and was going to go with Strikingly and use their hosting but their pricing seems high compared to other hosting plans (so far super customer service though). 1hebergement has a low hosting price but I'd have to use Joomla or Wordpress to build the site, both of which I'm not a huge fan of.  I also don't know that much about 1hebergement hosting (now called Nuxit I think) and don't want to end up getting into a bad hosting plan that charges extra for everything. If you can recommend a hosting company please do! Thanks.

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My friend received a speeding ticket today from last September's holiday in France - they are English as so is their car - will they get points on their license? They were only a little bit over the limit. Also not sure why its taken so long to come through - guessing it has to be paid!

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Hello,I want to retrain as an electrician to work here in France. I have considered AFPA etc but time scales and location don't make this an easy option. I have been looking at UK training - costly I know, but quicker and easier. I have been trying to find out what qualifications would be recognised in France. I have asked at the Chambres des Metiers but they haven't been very helpful. I know that city and guilds are part of the europass scheme but I wondered if the lesser qualifications would be recognised. I looked at OCLI for C&G qualifications, but I have heard some bad things about themDoes anyone have any advice?Thanks in advance. T

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Is anyone getting rid of a plasterboard lifter?  Within 1h of Nogaro (32110) please.

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I have just read that Angloinfo will cease in March. They will apparently be joining another site called smartexpat. The reformatted version of angloinfo that was released last year was the final kiss of death for the siteRIP Angloinfo

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Hi all,Does anyone know if there are any (gentle) walking groups in the area, thinking of any reasonably close to Castelnau Magnoac, Trie-Sur-Baise,              Boulogne- sur Gesse  or thereabouts, thinking of walks suitable for the late 50's mid 60's age bracket..Thank you.

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Just tried to post this in Classifieds and got as far as the 'I'm not a robot' bit with nothing to enter!1 off 1.1 Metre 'Technomate' Satelite dish about 1 year old.1 0ff wall bracket for above, about 8 years old. (A bit battered as I had to modify it!).1 off quad LNB 'Vision' age unknown was working last October.1 off Humax Freesat Box with 500 Gb hardrive about 5 years old, with manual and HDMI cable.So apart from cable and plugs this is pretty much a complete Freesat set.  I'm 15K North of Auch and will deliver within 50K of here.I'm looking for 125€ for the lot.  Please contact me at Tourrens@gmail.com

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Thanks for any advice on this - we need to rent out our town house in Bagnères de bigorre for an income. Is there much demand for this on long term rental? The holiday let I imagine would be more income but involves maintenance and changeovers. We live in Brittany so not an option to do that ourselves.We know what the markets are like here but dont have a feel for Pyrenees area.Without going into huge details on the property, its truly central, no real outside space, one large bedroom and one open plan area on ground floor which could accommodate children sleeping area. All done up with central heating etc.Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info.

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I have a couch in Fougax that I would like taking back to Bristol and wondered if anybody is travelling back with an empty van in the foreseeable future. I can have you met en route after arriving in the UK. It comes apart and when in two pieces, only takes up a space of 1 metre cubed.Can anybody help please?

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Anybody have any idea how much a taxi from Castelnau Magnoac to Blagnac Toulouse costs?

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Double fronted shop in Castelnau Magnoac available for rent at 450 Euro a month. Shop has WC and rear kitchen area.

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That's it.

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Here is wishing all of you lovely people a very merry christmas and a new year full of good health,love,fun and positivity.  All the seasonal best  Love and light  Jamie xx

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I intendto install a mobile signal booste,My mobileis with a UK provider, so my signal here varies from French sources:Orange, SFR, Free, and Bouygues Telecom.I need to orientate (point) my booster antenna between the 2 bestsignal strength quality masts but cannot find a French site which gives meexact geographical locations of the individual provider mast locations overhere.Any advice as to how to find these for my location would begreatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.Regards to all

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Hi looking for a reliable carpenter to build a timber framed 'lean-to' extension for me (or with me as i will be the labourer) roughly 13m x 5m in the Boulogne SG area (31350) . Must be reasonably priced as i am on a budget. Nationality unimportant. Many thanks in advance

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