Covid-19 and travel

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Hello everyone, I'm sitting in London, my primary residence is in SW France - near Boulogne sur Gesse 313650 to be more precise, and I don't have EU citizenship or French residency. I'm naturally keen to know under when and under what conditions France will re-open its borders for travel that's not deemed "absolutely essential". We don't know this yet. But I'd like to tap this community of knowledge to see if it's possible to create a thread of information and updates that will help build as accurate a picture f possible of how this is unfolding. Can anyone help? Thanks. Jeremy 

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If you are not French resident it is not possible that your main residence is in Boulogne sur Gesse. Stay where you are. You are not welcome here. Fortunately our borders (French) will stay closed after 11 May with no date for allowing international travel.

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