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Does anyone have any ideas for furniture removal from Gers to the UK? We need approx. 40 cubic metres of furniture and boxes etc. to go on the 12th June. Does anyone know of a UK based van hire company where we can maybe hire a Luton van in the UK, drive to France and then take it back. It seems that many do not allow their Luton vans out of the UK. Any ideas?

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Giles 1331393359

Hello loobieloo

Have a look here in the AngloFILE directory at the page listing English speaking removals companies:

And here at the Featured Classifieds where a number of removals companies advertise:

Good luck with your move


loobieloo-609965 1331416246

Thanks Giles

tinkerbell-604151 1331477292

pm me :)

Frie-606406 1331548391

You could ask John Marsden in Bretagne d'Armagnac. He does regular runs to and from Angland. Phone number/ 05 62 09 98 61

Papillon-604307 1331560035

We are going to use David Dale removals sometime (hopefully) in June. He says he is in the Gers 'most weeks' and he just happens to be based in Harrogate which is where I am right now. If you are not organised by June perhaps we could share the load - we have supposedly sold our french house and they think they will complete in June but of course we are not holding our breath. I got DDs details from this site anyway.

Frie-606406 1331576992

Good luck with your removal!

We aren't going anywhere, so don't need to share the load. We only arrived here four years ago and are well settled in.

river-617419 1334765613

We recently used Ian Simpson to move to the UK.We are pleased to report that despite Ian having some health problems just prior to our move he performed extremely well.The full load was picked up on time and delivered to our UK address as planned.

All in all we were very pleased with all aspects of his service

James -Elly-968701 1597912090

Using miami junk removal experts for furniture removal is definitely a good deal as they have done amazing work removing the broken furniture from my home.

rache-611556 1598033984

Yeas and I am a Concorde pilot.   expect your broken furniture was actually antiques . Well done but we are not fooled.

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