Help! How do I convert a Word Document into a JPG?

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I am in desperate need of help...I am trying to upload a Word Document onto a website, but it is only allowing me to upload JPEG's etc...So, basically I need to convert my Word Document (table with boxes, couple of images etc.) into an image.Any help would be much appreciated!

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Bungey-603054 1277553987

You will need to scan the document with, funnily enough, a scanner. This will give you the option of saving into a recognized graphic format such as .jpg .tif .wmf et cetera.

You will then be able to upload to a website.

Hope this helps.

Jon02-611533 1277560123

Or you could take a photo of it. Or get the document on screen such that it all fits on the screen. Press Print Screen. nothing obvious happens but the screen does get copied to the clipboard. Fire up Paint and paste the clipboard into the blank document that you are given. Crop it until you have what you want and save the result as a jpg. Clunky I agree but . . .

Riggy-598354 1277565232

Quickest way is to put it in the sacnner, select "Preview", then right click and save as image.


*good*time*-610865 1277565865

The scanner slipped my mind... Was just hoping I could open it in a different program and save it as a JPG...

ian81-598026 1277569896

simple ... select the text you want in the picture and copy to the clipboard 'paint' or another graphics program and in a new page past from the clipboard and save as a jpg or any other picture format!!

ethix98-606841 1277595305

If your website allows upload of an actual web page MS Word allows you to save as .html or .xml


If you PM me I willl be happy to send you by email attachment a .doc to image (jpg .bmp etc) convertor.

ethix98-606841 1277597527

Incidentally if you have MS Office and not just Word you can import a .doc into MS Publisher, move it round and crop it and then save as .jpg

Hope this helps

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