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I am wondering if anyone else is having problems locating a place for their child's stage this Autumn?My son is seventeen and has to find a stage for two months beginning November 2020.He is doing engineering CNC milling/programming.In the past we have always managed to find a place for him, but due to the Covid outbreak most companies are working at a slow pace or not at all.Engineering companies are particularly hard hit as most local firms are reliant on Aircraft work and Airbus demand has slowed down and had a heavy impact on demand. The problem we now face is that my son has to do a stage to complete his final year and without this he is liable to fail.The college are supportive and trying hard to place him, but at the moment it is very difficult and will probably mean he has to travel and relocate for a two month period.Has anyone else faced this problem or does anyone know of local firms in the Gers who we may approach?

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