The new format worked -- NOT

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I have just read that Angloinfo will cease in March. They will apparently be joining another site called smartexpat. The reformatted version of angloinfo that was released last year was the final kiss of death for the siteRIP Angloinfo


supersec-611519 1519569494

Agreed. The old AI was friendly and local.  You could post that you wanted someone to clean gites or do your garden.  Now it's all in Jobs and jobs are all in big cities, mainly Paris. Facebook has taken over!  What a shame.

Iolanthe-611425 1519979203

Before it does, someone with skills should start (or develop an existing site) into the essence of what was successful in the previous guise of AI, a local network post for all those people who live in this area and want to communicate. Sweep up all the contacts still on here and get it working.

The previous incarnation was generally pretty good for all those reasons Supersec says. Jobs, help, items for sale.

There is a genuine potential community down here that want and need a decent communication service.

And agreed, shame on AI for squandering this, probably because some spotty 23 year old geek in South Africa came up with a great idea for improving AI...


Steptoes Son 1519994910

I was thinking the same as lolanthe this morning before i read his post. Is it just AI South that is finishing ?  There must be someone out there with sufficient knowledge who could restart a site along the previous guise of AI and make a successful business from it. 

Iolanthe-611425 1520180321

Does it need to make money?

Crosbie-616759 1520193415

Bear in mind, that AngloInfo made money by inviting would-be franchisees to invest their life savings into a sure-fire, money-making venture...

There aren't too many folk who are into making money like that.

Technically, it's easy to create a website that can support a forum/community.

However, it's the administration that is costly - or otherwise tricky to contrive.

Perhaps there is a forum-oriented public/open CMS, in the same way Mediawiki is an encyclopedia-oriented public/open CMS, i.e. a CMS that permits the community to organically/anarchically administrate/police itself (against spammers)?

Iolanthe-611425 1520339014

I do feel incredibly sorry for the franchisees who must have looked on in horror at the unfolding disaster that was the current pink and grey "upgrade".

Iolanthe-611425 1520396010

In the old days this typer of thread would have invoked 10x the number of comments. Now no one cares!

That just about sums up AI

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