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Hello,I want to retrain as an electrician to work here in France. I have considered AFPA etc but time scales and location don't make this an easy option. I have been looking at UK training - costly I know, but quicker and easier. I have been trying to find out what qualifications would be recognised in France. I have asked at the Chambres des Metiers but they haven't been very helpful. I know that city and guilds are part of the europass scheme but I wondered if the lesser qualifications would be recognised. I looked at OCLI for C&G qualifications, but I have heard some bad things about themDoes anyone have any advice?Thanks in advance. T

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Giles 1265641231

Hello elecyman

Here's the link to the INFOrmation page which covers recognition of diplomas in France.  In the first instance, your local Chambre de Commerce should be able to advise you and they should direct you to the correct ministry with whom you may check.

Here is the link to the official Europass information (in French) which you may already have:

Good luck


lucette-603528 1265653609

I wouldn't bother with the chambre de commerce myself. They don't deal with electricians. When I looked into registering as a carpenter, the chambre de metiers asked me for a letter from a previous employer stating that I had 3 years experience in the trade. And that's all. That said, when I found out the charges I'd be paying, I never went through with it.

elecyman-610649 1265659251

Thanks for your reply Giles.

sparky1-606519 1266442617


You really need city & guilds 2360 part 1 & 2 or todays equivelant. These normally take 2 years at least in the uk. I would also recommend getting 2391 inspection and testing. Not sure how long it is now but I did mine in 12 weeks. Its harder than the others but if you went straight onto it after the first 2 the theory will still be fresh in your mind so may be easier.

I had a mate working for me about 5 years ago that was doing his part 2 via distance learning, although I believe he had to sit the exams etc in college this may be an option for you.

With regard to inferior qualifications, the standard of much of the wiring here is a long way below that of the uk and an understanding of three phase is essential to avoid killing yourself or someone else.

I have seen more potential fire/shock hazards in a year out here than I have seen in the last 17 in the uk.

There are a lot of monkeys playing around with stuff they shouldn't be and it shows in the standard of many installations.

I'm not trying to put you off but there are unfortunately no shortcuts. Get the proper bits of paper and some experience, it will be worth it in the end.



elecyman-610649 1266443594

Thanks Sparky.

I think I will go for the City and Guilds option for sure. I will have to do it by distance learning with trips back to the UK for practical experience.

I have wired my own house and had consuel pass it so I have a little experience to get me going.. I'm presuming that I will have to attend a course in France to learn the French norms.

Elecyman (nearly)

1925-604038 1266510556

Yes you have to go through the Chambre de Metier to get your siret number

sparky1-606519 1266528166


You won't need to attend a course for the regs, they're not too disimilair from the uk ones, and there's plenty of information in books and french manufacturers websites. If your only doing residential there's not really much to know in the way of norms much like the uk. If you got into commercial/industrial it would be different. Your biggest problem is going to be getting experience of existing installations. You have to have your wits about you. I've seen earth cables with 400v going through them, just today Ive seen white earths and red nuetrals.
I'm guessing you may be past apprentice age but maybe you could find someone who needs some help every so often and get a bit more hands on experience that way.


elecyman-610649 1276339855

I'm back again. I have just completed the first two units of level2 C&G 2330. I'm very impressed with OLCI. It's going well.
Does anyone know if there is anything I am qualified to do when I have my level 2 certificate? If it is possible I was wondering if I can pass the costs of level3 through my business..

elecyman-610649 1308661912

Hi, I have now completed my level 3 city and guilds 2330. Does anyone know what this is the equilavent to in France? Once I have the certificate I will get a translation etc....

Tim-925976 1521898772


I realise this post is 7 years old, but on the of chance... wondering how you got on with setting up as an electrician in france using your City and Guilds level 2 and 3?  Or anyone else have any relevant experiences they'd like to share.

Many thanks

elecyman-610649 1521899261

Hi Tim, Wow was that 8 years ago I posted that!  Yes, all went to plan. Chambre de metier just needed a copy of the certificates (no need for a translation). The same for my insurance company for the decinale.  It was fairly straightforward I seem to remember. 

All the best,


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