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I need to build a pretty simple website that isn't going to get a ton of traffic (it's for a club) and was going to go with Strikingly and use their hosting but their pricing seems high compared to other hosting plans (so far super customer service though). 1hebergement has a low hosting price but I'd have to use Joomla or Wordpress to build the site, both of which I'm not a huge fan of.  I also don't know that much about 1hebergement hosting (now called Nuxit I think) and don't want to end up getting into a bad hosting plan that charges extra for everything. If you can recommend a hosting company please do! Thanks.

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Crosbie-616759 1446754738

I can host it for you for free until such time as you find the hosting plan that suits you.

Naturally, it'll be via ADSL, so relatively slow, but then if you want bandwidth you have to go with the big boys.

If you want to see how slow it is, try http://carriagedog.org which is hosted on my server. I host about 20-30 sites, most on IIS6, some on Apache.

Of course, you could also leave a PC turned on all the time and host it yourself...  :-)

Tinker-612171 1446831868

all depends on your requirements, but Facebook isn't a bad place to start - it's free, connected to zillions of people and fairly easy to use...

Bill Breedon-609263 1446848158

I use Webhosting UK. quite cheap for a basic site, No problems in the 5 years we've subscribed. Quick response to queries. I never think about it except when the annual bill arrives.



Ragtacker 1446972754

Yola.com is free for the basic hosting, you just pay for a domaine name. You can then pay for an upgrade if you need to. It works really well if you just need a simple site. If you want to see an example I have made 2 already through yola, www.upholstery65.com or www.galanges.com.

Melou 1447011130

Have a look at http://freeola.com/ - they host domains, and provide a build-it-yourself website that will be more than adequate for a club, methinks. Have a look at our own as an example of what you can have - http://www.perfectionfortwo.com/

FizzFizz 1447781935

Thanks for your responses. Very much appreciated! Thanks especially to Crosbie for the offer of hosting.

Ragtacker, your upholstery65 site looks nice. The galanges one doesn't seem to be working at the moment though so you might want to check on that.



Valerie-Karimova-904439 1499761114

My recommendation for a host that offers high-speed
services, free website builder, decent prices and no additional fees is
definitely BGOcloud .

Mosi-Morin-940461 1562078334

As per my personal experience i will suggest you to go with SiteGround Web Host or Inmotion Hosting.


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