Where to live in/near Toulouse?

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Hi, We have just moved to France and it looks like my company will require me to live in or near Toulouse. So I was wondering if anybody could help me with 2 questions: * What are the nicer parts of the city to live in * What are the nicer villages within 45 mins - 1 hour driving distance to live in. We will be looking for 4-5 bed house/townhouse/appartment in the 300kish range.   Many thanks in advance. G

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It all depends.....

Do you want to be surrounded by English voices at all the markets? No? then don't live north of Toulouse.

Do you want to Ski? Yes? Then go south of the city - although I am sure there will be people who tell you that the mountains are accessible from north of town. Of course they are, but you simply give yourself more slope time.

I would seriously consider rental at all points of the compass before I plumped for a site. We spent four years just looking, and even now my other half thinks we could have done better!

And just for the record, I am 40 mins south in the agricultural basin north of Pamiers. Biased? you bet!!

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muddywaters-120477 1365707420

Thanks Alan! We moved here to be part of France, not to change them or be among the English so I couldn't agree more. Thanks very much.

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I love the villages west of Isle Jourdain where we live... not too many English people at the moment and very quiet and calm... there are 2 houses in our village in your price range at the moment; though one is a doer upper

muddywaters-120477 1365724569

Hi dennerlymum

Do you have the link to a local immobilier or at least a name of one?







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45 mins - 1 hour around Toulouse is a big area!

I think you will find that all / most of us that live here love where we live think its the best find in France!

We certainly do. We live in a small village (one of the nicest around!) a few km from Aurignac SW of Toulouse with Blagnac only 50 minutes away.We have beautiful rolling countryside all around with amazing views and the mountains are close yet we dont suffer from the 'mountain weather'.  The A64 is non peage and is quiet and quick.

Consider the area from Cazeres / Aurignac / L'Isle-en-Dodon. There are lots of lovely villages in this area.

Happy house hunting - there are loads to choose from.

Ronnie2-606556 1365763005

Try looking at  http://www.sudproprietes.com/fr/

They cover the Aurignac to Toulouse area

muddywaters-120477 1365770086

doesn't work :(

SSL-613488 1365770411

Its the same link that I PM'd you!

muddywaters-120477 1365771024

That one doesn't work either. I think their site might be down. I'll try later.

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Have a think about what you need:

If you have or plan children: Good Primary School / College

Distance to after school clubs / activities

Proximity to airport for work travel or visitors

Some International people, so you're not the odd one out..

Space, garden, privacy = country

Walk from door, shops / restaurants = town

Generalising I know, but one hour from Toulouse is a huge catchment area.

We live an hour North of Toulouse, in the Gers and it's a wonderful place with some International flavour, good schooling and access to the slopes, the med & Atlantic, Toulouse airport (55 mins) and Bordeaux airport (2 hrs). We chose the area primarily because of the school...

Most importantly don't get stressed and enjoy the selection process!

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You have had a lot of good advice already on this thread - you are lucky!

We went for the English school option; that ties you to the W suburbs of Toulouse; Colomiers.

That works out nicely for me as I am also tied to the Aerospace supplier side of the Airport which is a similar area.

I believe the idea of renting for a while - at least 6 months is an excellent one. If you ar emoving then bring your furniture here and rent a furnished house; then you don't have to go through the trauma of packing again when you find somewhere to buy.

300k will get you a nice estate house with 3 beds and a garden (700 to 800m2) in the 'burbs (Tournefeuille, Colomiers Perget, Pibrac)

Or a good size flat in the centre of town, 100m2 with parking.

Personally I'm a country boy and prefer to commute through the country rather than queue out of town in a traffic jam. L'Isle-Jourdain is my hub (already mentioned here - the East of the Gers and the starting point for lots of pretty villages (without bars or Boulangeries mind! Most villages in the SW of France gave up commerce years ago. There are pretty exceptions though; cologne, Montgiscard, but they are few and far between.

We also like markets and the 3 best around here have to be Grenade, L'I-J and Samatan.

If you do not have to commute at rush hour / every day and are happy with a 45minute + drive then South of Samatan you can get some amazing deals.

If you want help with agencies get in touch - I am buying right now after 5 years of renting and 2 years of looking to buy so I know quite a few!

Good luck, and bienvenue!

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Hi Muddywaters , stick to Toulouse or very close easier to sell ,, do not buy in the sticks as they are so very hard to sell again some have been on for years like 5 to 6 years and its like being in prison you cannot get out ,, I would rent for a year to see what area you like as everyone is different trust me I am being truthfull ,, no rose coloured specs Ok .

I may sound a little hard we have quite a few friends stuck in rural properties and some have even divorced as one partner could not handle it . As for buying house prices are dropping so much and will continue for a while yet I think so dont rush into it .

Look the sites like seloger.fr lots there to rent or buy not for stupid money , also leboncoin,fr all worth a look ,  hope this helps you a little and stops you making the mistake so many people do , when you are settled and feel secure and its right go for it . 

good luck  

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