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Hello everyone, I'm sitting in London, my primary residence is in SW France - near Boulogne sur Gesse 313650 to be more precise, and I don't have EU citizenship or French residency. I'm naturally keen to know under when and under what conditions France will re-open its borders for travel that's not deemed "absolutely essential". We don't know this yet. But I'd like to tap this community of knowledge to see if it's possible to create a thread of information and updates that will help build as accurate a picture f possible of how this is unfolding. Can anyone help? Thanks. Jeremy 

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Hi, does anyone know where, around Toulouse, I can get a PCR test done to enable me to travel.  Thanks

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I'm sure there must be a list somewhere. I have an infected abscess that requires immediate treatment. Does anyone know of a reliable English speaking dentist in Toulouse that can deal with it and issue the required meds? Although I am Brit I carry Japanese health insurance and am in town for a couple of weeks only, so it would need to be someone prepared to take my non-French card in payment.

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if you have parkinson, please can you call me straight away ,very urgent , thank you very much lucy

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HiHas anyone had laser eye surgery in France that can recommend a good company? How was it for you?How much did it cost?Any information gratefully receivedMany thanksJenni

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Hi does anybody know of a beautician in the 31 area that does eye brow tatooing. I had my eye brows done in UK 4yrs ago and they need  filling in again! Thanks 

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Hi, We are currently staying near castelnau magnoac and are needing to get a replacement of some prescription eye drops after they got hot in the car.   Can we present our Australian Prescription from our doctor back in Australia at a Pharmacy here and have it filled?  Appreciate any help or advice.  Regards Fiona

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Does anyone know the answer to this one please? I am 62 years old, full time resident in France. My EHIC card won't cover me for medical expenses. I have another 4 years until I can claim my UK pension. I have an atelier here but the RSI have not yet collected any contributions from me. How can I obtain healthcare cover?Thanks: 

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We have just moved to Lavardens, and I am looking for a good local (or maybe in Auch?) GP for our family.  Any recommendations?  Apparently there is one in Jegun but I'm looking for alternatives....Some English spoken would be really helpful!

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HelloDoes anybody know if a Mutuelle can see the names of the drugs that they are making reimbursements for ? in other words, when the Pharmacy fills a prescription and it goes electronically to CPAM for partial refund and then on to the Mutuelle for refund of the balance, can the Mutuelle see the name of the drug that they are paying for ?I am curious about where patient data protection fits into this equation as some Mutuelles are affiliated with Banks and Life Insurance providers, so for example if a person makes an application for Life Insurance to the Health Insurance company that is also his or her Mutuelle company, is that particular Health Insurance provider able to see every drug that has been prescribed for that particular individual, also do Mutuelles have direct access to all CPAM patient records via the Ameli online platform or some other source.Views welcomeThanksJoe

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Can anyone recommend an english speaking gynaecologist in the Auch or Trabes area please ?

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The consumer magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs has just issued a report recommending that we avoid 5 mosquito repellents due to their toxicity levels.Catch® moustique tigres et mouche sans parfum Raid® moustiques et moustiques tigres Casino® anti-moustique 45 nuitsand there are 2 sprays to avoid as well:- Apaysil® haute protection jusqu' à 11h - Zen'sect® à l'aloe vera lotion 6 heuresThey say the concentration of the active substance and the toxic effect if inhaled or has contact with the skin is over 20% and should be avoided.  Here's the link to the Medisite site showing the report:http://www.medisite.fr/a-la-une-6-produits-anti-moustiques-juges-toxiques-a-eviter.1108551.2035.html?xtor=EPR-56-1089822[Medisite-Info-Sante]-20160622 Giles

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Hi allWith all the problems associated with the Tiger Mosquito - I thought it might be useful to have an accurate description of the beast!  If you go to Ai Midi-Pyrénées South Facebook page we are putting up a photo there:https://www.facebook.com/AngloINFO.MidiPyreneesSouth/They are very small - only 5-8 millimetres long. They are black with white stripes on their abdomen and legs - hence the tiger description. They develop particularly well in urban areas and will have a range of 50 or so metres around where they are born. It is the females who bite, and they bite during the day, particularly at dawn and dusk. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and are more attracted to pregnant women and the obese.  They are also attracted to dark colours. Like all mosquitos they lay their eggs in stagnant waters and lay up to 300 in one go. If you see one - here's the link to report it: http://www.signalement-moustique.fr/If anyone has any great ideas about mosquito repellants that work - do share!  Here's a link to a site with 5 easy to grow useful mosquito repellant plants in the garden - catnip being particularly effective!  http://learn.eartheasy.com/2011/04/5-easy-to-grow-mosquito-repelling-plants/Giles

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Well I am nearing the end of acquiring 8 implants and 14 new teeth, an ordeal but oh so worth while. It has taken just over 8 months from first consultation to reach this point. Having being told in the UK by 2 dental surgeons that I didn't have sufficent bone density for this procedure, I was then told by an amazing Surgeon here in France that YES things had changed and it certainly could be done. And he has gone on to prove it. The cost is as my friends in the UK say eye watering BUT, considerably less than one I know personally paid for less work.The surgeon is on the edge of Toulouse and for anybody who wants details feel free to contact me by PM as i know any further information I write here will only be removed.And can I just add I feel so pleased i have had it done, thought I might be buried toothless the way it was going, just so relieved I can once again enjoy food.

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My doctor has retired on ill health so I'm looking for an English speaking doctor in either the Condom or Nerac area.  Please if you can help email me at kazzabon@icloud.com.Thanks!

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Hi, can anyone recommend a doctor near or around Marciac?  With a little english at least is needed. Thanks in advance, Woobles

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Hi, can anyone recommend a masseur-Kiné in the Boulogne sur Gesse area, who makes home visits. If so, can you please send me a PM. Thanks

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a dentist for implants in the Midi Pyrenees?  Also, are they cheaper than in the UK? Thanks,   

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The latest?  It just might really exist!   Take a look at the Angloinfo Midi-Pyrenees South Facebook page......  (and the daily recipe....) Giles

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Does anyone know if there is a Physiotherapist / kinésithérapeute in the Trie sur Baise area who speaks English. Your recommendations gratefully received. Many thanks Franc    

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