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Does anyone know the answer to this one please? I am 62 years old, full time resident in France. My EHIC card won't cover me for medical expenses. I have another 4 years until I can claim my UK pension. I have an atelier here but the RSI have not yet collected any contributions from me. How can I obtain healthcare cover?Thanks: 

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The EHIC card is for tourists only. Everyone can access the French healthcare system using PUMA.

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If you work here then you should be registered as (most likely) either Micro-Entrepreneur (formally auto-Entrepreneur) or Enterprise Individuelle then you should be paying cotisations which will mean you are entitled to health care here.  If you are micro-entrepreneur and doing your own accounts then you need to ensure you are paying your cotisations etc, an enterprise individuelle will often have an accountant (I have found this the best option as they save you a fortune)!!  The accountant will then take care of all cotisations/taxes/registrations etc.

There is an article on PUMA here -

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