Can I present my Australian Prescription at a Pharmacy and have it filled ?

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Hi, We are currently staying near castelnau magnoac and are needing to get a replacement of some prescription eye drops after they got hot in the car.   Can we present our Australian Prescription from our doctor back in Australia at a Pharmacy here and have it filled?  Appreciate any help or advice.  Regards Fiona

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If you go to the Pharmacy in Castelnau town centre, you will find them very helpful and some speak English. If they tell you to go see a local doctor - Go to the medical centre near the roundabout and ask to see Doctor Plante, again he wlll be very helpful.

Hope this helps.

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Should have mentioned that a visit to the doctor will cost a fee - don't know how much.

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Hi  Wheels, Thank you for the reply - do you think they will ask us to  see the Dr first before filling the prescription? Is it mandatory here to do that first?



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They may suggest that you see the doctor to get a 'French' prescription, but see them and ask the procedure.  As I said, they can speak English and guide you.

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Hi Wheels, thanks for the reply.  We decided to go to boulogne sur gesse to do some shopping at the Inermarche and we were able to get the prescription filled at the central pharmacy without issue.  Thank you for you help and advicw we will keep Dr Plante's details in case we need to see him while we are here. 

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Glad it worked out for you.

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As you have discovered, with medicines like eye drops pharmacists will be able to advise and supply without needing a doctor's prescription. 

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