Dental Implants

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Well I am nearing the end of acquiring 8 implants and 14 new teeth, an ordeal but oh so worth while. It has taken just over 8 months from first consultation to reach this point. Having being told in the UK by 2 dental surgeons that I didn't have sufficent bone density for this procedure, I was then told by an amazing Surgeon here in France that YES things had changed and it certainly could be done. And he has gone on to prove it. The cost is as my friends in the UK say eye watering BUT, considerably less than one I know personally paid for less work.The surgeon is on the edge of Toulouse and for anybody who wants details feel free to contact me by PM as i know any further information I write here will only be removed.And can I just add I feel so pleased i have had it done, thought I might be buried toothless the way it was going, just so relieved I can once again enjoy food.

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Should have added, he speaks amazinhg English.

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