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Hello, I am asking if anyone has gone to Budapest for dental work, or any where else to get good , safe, affordable dental work? Thanks

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Iolanthe-611425 1424340827

Yes, I have had dental work in Budapest and it is very very good.

Excellent quality work, half the price, superb customer service, highly trained, welcoming and good equipment. 

Dentist sent me for 6 x-rays. Walked 50 metres down road to a specialist clinic with a prescription and no appointment, seen in 10 mins, cost 5 euros. 

Budapest demonstrates in contrast everything that is wrong with France. Expensive, bad attitude, everyone thinks they are doing you a favour.

RichardT-617373 1424347835

Lolanthe, your post is most useful, thank you.   Can you send me the details of the dentist you used please.

justjan-598199 1424350404

I have had quite extensive work done in Budapest. Implants, crowns and bridges. I found them extremely helpful and professional. Even with the cost of accommodation and flights it was almost half the price of the UK. But all this was about 6 - 7 years ago now. I recently had a crown and bridge replaced here in France and although it was a lot more expensive I got quite a good deal and I'm very pleased with it.

One of the problems of travelling to other places is that some work needs repeat visits and for crowns etc you often have to wait a few days so you are hanging around. This was fine for the first few visits but in the end I felt I had well and truely done Budapest. Then it was still reasonably cheap to fly home and go back a week later.

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