Mutuelles and Data Protection

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HelloDoes anybody know if a Mutuelle can see the names of the drugs that they are making reimbursements for ? in other words, when the Pharmacy fills a prescription and it goes electronically to CPAM for partial refund and then on to the Mutuelle for refund of the balance, can the Mutuelle see the name of the drug that they are paying for ?I am curious about where patient data protection fits into this equation as some Mutuelles are affiliated with Banks and Life Insurance providers, so for example if a person makes an application for Life Insurance to the Health Insurance company that is also his or her Mutuelle company, is that particular Health Insurance provider able to see every drug that has been prescribed for that particular individual, also do Mutuelles have direct access to all CPAM patient records via the Ameli online platform or some other source.Views welcomeThanksJoe

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Personally I hope they know exactly what they are paying for.

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