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Hi allWith all the problems associated with the Tiger Mosquito - I thought it might be useful to have an accurate description of the beast!  If you go to Ai Midi-Pyrénées South Facebook page we are putting up a photo there:https://www.facebook.com/AngloINFO.MidiPyreneesSouth/They are very small - only 5-8 millimetres long. They are black with white stripes on their abdomen and legs - hence the tiger description. They develop particularly well in urban areas and will have a range of 50 or so metres around where they are born. It is the females who bite, and they bite during the day, particularly at dawn and dusk. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and are more attracted to pregnant women and the obese.  They are also attracted to dark colours. Like all mosquitos they lay their eggs in stagnant waters and lay up to 300 in one go. If you see one - here's the link to report it: http://www.signalement-moustique.fr/If anyone has any great ideas about mosquito repellants that work - do share!  Here's a link to a site with 5 easy to grow useful mosquito repellant plants in the garden - catnip being particularly effective!  http://learn.eartheasy.com/2011/04/5-easy-to-grow-mosquito-repelling-plants/Giles

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